What is the Advantage of Backup Care For Businesses?

ATLANTA, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For families with busy schedules and hectic lives, hiring a babysitter to watch the children in the home can be a blessing. But when that sitter has to cancel or something goes wrong, it can also be a huge headache to find someone else on such short notice.

That’s where backup care comes in! Backup care is an excellent and affordable option for parents who need their childcare provider to cover for another caregiver but don’t want to pay full-time rates. With backup care, parents pay a fixed rate provided by there employer that is either subsidized with a copay or paid for completely by the employer.

But how do you know if the next person is qualified and insured? And how can you be sure your kids are in good hands?

With backup care, parents know the babysitter they are reserving will be qualified and professional, in addition to being fully insured.

With Nannies & Kids United’s parents never have to worry about finding a backup babysitter again. Our services include:

Backup Care For Businesses to Fill in For Your Employees in the comfort their homes.
We have clients using our backup care to fill in for employees who are sick or need time off so that the business can continue to operate. We’re proud to be able to help families and businesses alike by providing quality childcare services.

Backup Care Benefits
All backup nannies are required to complete orientation and health and safety training, and their screening process includes childcare reference checks, interviews, social media checks, criminal background checks, name, and address verification, and work eligibility verification.

Each time backup care is needed, parents are required to complete a request form, which takes about 5 minutes to complete, then our office immediately assigns you with an available sitter.

Each time a backup sitter is needed, parents will be placed in contact with the sitter by phone. With us, no children are left unattended or in harm’s way when parents utilize our backup care services.

Backup Care is an Advantage For Businesses.
The number of businesses that hire childcare services has increased by 29% in the past two years. More than ever, parents are looking to leave their kids with a trusted sitter.

With backup care, parents know they’ll never have to question who will be watching their children when they need a babysitter. We have more than enough backup sitters and family members in the state to choose from. You can be assured that a backup sitter will meet the needs of your family and be able to provide the care and love for your children that you expect.

Backup Care for Parents: Facts and Stats
The Division of Insurance reminds parents and childcare professionals that the state requires all children’s daycare or babysitting services to be covered by a liability insurance policy or equivalent. Parents and providers should ask for evidence showing proof of coverage before agreeing to use a childcare provider.

Parents are entitled to know what the insurance covers before deciding to use a particular service. They can confirm that their childcare provider has a current policy by requesting their certificate of insurance.

Parents who provide non-licensed in-home care may be liable for any injuries or accidents incurred by a child in their care which is why its important to use a reputable agency.

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