Vanta Leagues Partners with COPE to Help Parents Better Understand World of Esports

BOSTON, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the company’s latest news, Vanta Leagues is excited to announce a partnership with COPE, Coalition of Parents in Esports.

Coalition of Parents in Esports is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to provide better information, resources, and support for gamers and their families and promote the positive aspects of gaming for recreational, educational, and career development of our youth.

Vanta Leagues leverages esports, one of the most powerful development tools of this generation, to help young gamers improve in the games they love, but more importantly become better gamer citizens. With a unique, digital approach, and multiple platform offerings – competitive leagues, development camps, private coaching – Vanta provides a structured place for students to learn, game, and develop. 

Co-founder and CEO of COPE Chris said of the partnership:

"COPE is excited to form this partnership with Vanta Leagues as our values and mission of supporting kids and their families fully enjoy their esports journeys while becoming valuable members of the community greatly align. We look forward to working alongside Vanta Leagues to continue to bring awareness to the benefits of esports among kids."

Both organizations will collaborate to inform and provide parents with the resources necessary to support their children in esports and work together to present both parents and players with esports development opportunities from the youth level and up. 

Learn more at the Vanta Leagues website or the COPE website.

About Vanta Leagues 

Vanta Leagues is a youth competitive video game (esport) development program with expert coaching and mentorship for kids ages 8-18. They provide competition and a team-based holistic curriculum on our virtual platform. Vanta is one of the safest online gamer communities for kids to find inclusion and hone their skills. Vanta is on a mission to eliminate the toxicity that is commonly present online.

About COPE 

COPE is an organization that provides resources that make the esports world more accessible through educating, supporting, and championing the sport and athletes. They strive to revolutionize esports by getting parents more involved and educated. It is COPE’s mission to inform parents on how to support this passion and make esports more rewarding while also raising awareness about the educational benefits of esport participation.

If you are a parent, school, or community organization, you can learn more at

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