This Just In… Santa Certifies the Elf on the Shelf® Can’t Catch COVID

ATLANTA, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As millions of Scout Elves prep to leave the North Pole and travel to their families’ homes for #ScoutElfReturnWeek, the elves are coming back to a very different world than the one they left on December 25th of 2019. Questions abound for the families and Scout Elves alike. Do Scout Elves get sick? Should elves wear masks or quarantine?

The Lumistella Company, home of The Elf on the Shelf®, has received a verified statement from Santa Claus regarding the matter: “All Scout Elves are 100% healthy, and since they are magical beings from the North Pole, they do not get human sicknesses and do not need to quarantine or wear masks; But they do like to set a good example for humans and may choose to model safety protocols for their families.  In a year when many are longing for a comforting return to the celebrations of the season, Santa’s Scout Elves are ready to bring joy and good cheer to all!”

For families who want their elf to wear a mask, please visit the Santa-approved Frolic and Frost blog for a quick and easy guide that will help them with their visit. There are patterns for elf masks, elf quarantine ideas and even a little letter for elves to leave out for their families.

On behalf of Santa Claus, The Lumistella Company encourages humans to seek advice on protecting against transmission of COVID-19 from their healthcare professionals and appropriate government agencies.

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