Launches with Resources to Ignite Children’s Sense of Wonder and Learning

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mother/daughter creative team, Lindsay Kahn, and Judy Luck Jordan, launch their website, aimed at pre-readers and new readers. Whimsical bubble characters Flubble, Frankee and Feebee, awaken curiosity and encourage parent-child engagement and learning.

"After 20 years of dedication, teamwork and a whole lot of love, we are thrilled to finally introduce The Bubble Brigade. We are so grateful for everyone who’s been on this incredible journey with us!" Said Lindsay Kahn, M.S., CCC-SLP/TSSLD, and Judy Luck Jordan, B.S. Education.

Today’s atmosphere of limited social interactions, distancing, and masks, can be confusing for young minds. At ages 1-5, children are in crucial stages of early development. A sense of connection, safety and guidance, have never been more important. The Bubble Brigade helps balance the hectic lives of parents, serving as a one stop interactive wonderland for inspiration and information. Through content and activities, aimed at creative, sensory and imaginative play, kids are engaged in enhancing focus, speech, problem solving, reading readiness, and motor skills.

Flubble is an explorer, hunting for treasures around the globe. Feebee brings beauty to the world with her magic paintbrush, and crafts from recyclable materials. And Frankee loves telling jokes, and is always up for an adventure. Together they’re clever at finding lost things and solving problems with a magical twist: they can only materialize out of water.

The concept began with Flubble Bubble, a boy made of reflective bubbles; While raising children in Texas, Luck Jordan’s brainchild was born out of a soap bubble daydream. Her lovable character Flubble featured front and center in Luck Jordan’s short stories and rhymes. Kahn, her then 11-year old daughter, was so inspired by her mother’s creation, she wrote a children’s book, "Floating Through the Alphabet with Flubble Bubble and Friends."

Decades later, Kahn is a speech-language pathologist, based in New York City, who recognized a way to expand Flubble to help children learn. As the Bubble Brigade evolved, new characters blossomed. And singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, Jamie Kolnick, came on board; Kolnick runs a children’s entertainment company, Jam with Jamie, with over 50 performers across the country. Kolnick is featured in the Bubble Brigade’s digital shorts. She also composed and performed the Bubble Brigade theme song, introducing the characters to the world.

Starting today, they premiere their first digital short with new videos to follow every month on their website and Youtube channel. A limited product line will launch in time for the 2021 holiday season.

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