The Immigration Gap Provides Vital Information for Immigrant Adults and Their Children

The Immigration Gap was written by Tinuke Fawole, a criminal law and child welfare law attorney who emigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria

ATLANTA, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When we think of cultural gaps that immigrants have to contend with, we usually think of the differences between American culture and the home country that immigrants left behind. But there is another significant cultural gap that needs to be explored: that experienced by immigrants and their children and the conflicts that often arise because of generational differences and differing expectations.

A new book, The Immigration Gap; Bridging the Divide Between Immigrant Parents and Their Children (Optimum Publishing), hopes to bring parents and offspring closer together.

The book’s author, attorney Tinuke Fawole, who emigrated from Nigeria, says, “The Immigration Gap will show parents and children how to understand and empathize with each other’s struggles and equip themselves with tools for healing and restoration in themselves and in their relationships with others.”

In an interview, Fawole can talk about:

  • What to say to your teenager so he or she can confidently say no to sex and drugs.
  • How to avoid raising an entitled child and what to do if you already have one.
  • How children can free themselves from their parents’ control over their lives without feeling guilty.
  • How the children of immigrants can own and speak their truth, pursue the career of their dreams and passion, and have their parents’ support and blessing.
  • The realities of being an immigrant in present-day America.
Praise for The Immigration Gap

“How can the richness of traditions and the thrill of new opportunities be embraced in the same household? In our globally blended society, this timely book will be a historic lifeline for parents and children — regardless of their country of origin.” — Dan Miller, author, 48 Days to the Work You Love

The Immigration Gap provides an insightful analysis of the challenges of immigrant parents and their children, as each struggles to adapt to the new country… It will save a lot of heartaches and promote a greater sense of fulfillment by parents and their children in a foreign land that is now home.” — Akinwumi A. Adesina, Ph.D., World Food Prize Laureate 2017, president, African Development Bank Group

“As a foster care attorney, I often see the cultural chasm between the government and the families it is meant to serve. A firsthand reconnaissance at this intersection, Ms. Fawole lays out objective accounts and steps to help build bridges across this rift. Both sides can benefit and grow with a deep dive herein.” — Donald Lee, Esq. CWLS, Guardian ad Litem 

The Immigration Gap resonated with me so much as it addresses areas that I struggled with as an immigrant — the pronunciation of our names, our accent when we talk as people have a hard time understanding what we are saying, concerns about who our children will get married to as we are in a foreign country and the difficulty of balancing our native culture with our foreign culture, which affects our children at home and outside the home.” — Enoh Ukpong, Ph.D., author of Joy Comes In The Morning

About the Author

An immigrant from Nigeria, Tinuke Fawole is a criminal law and child welfare law attorney. She is a former state prosecutor, a relationship coach and an international speaker. She is an expert in helping immigrant parents navigate the challenges of parenting and the host of the Optimum Families YouTube channel. She also wrote Master of My Destiny and was a contributing author of Faith Requires Action and Iyalode.

Contact: Tinuke Fawole at (770) 289-4140,;

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