The Dear-Santa Letter for the Digital Age: SantaGram Offers Kids a Totally Unique Kind of 21st Century Christmas Wishlist Experience – Send a Video Message and Gift Wishlist to Santa, Family, and Friends

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SantaGram announced its official launch just in time for the holiday season with free access to the only platform that allows children, with the help of their parents, to share their holiday wishes with Santa and family via a video-based “Dear Santa” letter and digital wishlist. After recording a video and uploading it to the site, parents and children can begin adding items to their wishlist by browsing curated gift suggestions based on age and gender or searching for items from millions of vendors via Amazon and more. And in early December, SantaGram will add a special “Video from Santa” feature that allows parents to create a personalized message from Father Christmas himself. SantaGram helps holiday-wishers perfect their digital Christmas wishlists while giving family members some holiday cheer and guidance for gift-giving.

“The holiday season is a time filled with love, family, and a feeling of magic,” said Damien Dalli, Founder and CEO of “And most of us have fond memories growing up writing traditional letters to Santa. Although for younger kids of today, like my two sons, the magic of writing and mailing a letter to Santa feels short-lived and a bit dated compared to everyday experiences. Our kids live in a digital world now, so modernizing this experience with video naturally enhances this tradition for the children and families of today. And though there are a lot of wishlist apps online, SantaGram is totally unique. We combine the experience of letting parents and their little ones send a video message to Santa while creating a digital wishlist that can be easily shared with all the other “Santas” in their life. Just imagine the joy a beloved aunt, uncle, or grandparent will feel watching those videos – seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child once more.”

SantaGram – Wishlists Made Magical

Creating a Christmas gift wishlist is easy with SantaGram’s modern approach to an old tradition. Parents and kids can combine their video-based Dear Santa letter with a sharable wishlist in just three easy steps:

  1. Record a Wish: Ask young children if they want to send a video message to Santa, then grab a smartphone, or turn on the webcam, and start recording. Ask kids what they would like to say to Santa, how they have been good, and what they wish for this year.
  2. Add Items to Wishlist: Build that perfect list by adding products from millions of different retailers. Wishlists can be compiled from any item available on Amazon using SantaGram’s gift search tools, by browsing suggested items or any item from a third-party simply by writing in the wish manually and linking to the appropriate website.
  3. Share Far and Wide: Send the personalized lists to aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, or others who may want to purchase a gift for you or your child. No more guesswork, repeat gifts, processing returns, or stress – and all wishlists are synced automatically with the North Pole, so jolly old St. Nick won’t miss a thing.

“Writing letters to Santa Claus is a very old custom that dates back more than 150 years and is still practiced by over seven million people worldwide,” said Damien Dalli. “The process has evolved over the years though, beginning first as letters from Santa who asked children to be good, until it grew into an activity of hope and joy – a way for young children to reach out to ask St. Nick to fulfill their specific gift wishes using the magic of Christmas. SantaGram is the next evolution of this special custom.”

View the explainer YouTube video here, and for up-to-the-minute platform updates, follow SantaGram on social media: Facebook.

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