The Classic Beauty and Fun of Paper Dolls – With a Modern Twist: Megadolls Rolls Out Kickstarter to Fund Affordable, Inclusive, Two-Sided Paper Doll Line

No more boring, flat, one-dimensional dolls; innovative tab-less design reinvents the clothing process, letting children easily fold clothes onto each doll – covering them front and back

NEW YORK, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Megadolls announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the startup costs for their new incarnation of a classic toy. Featuring dolls that are racially inclusive and body positive, with fun wardrobes and themes that are easily downloaded and printed, Megadolls is a growing collection that will fast become a favorite daily playtime activity with young children everywhere. The Kickstarter has a modest $20,000 goal with multiple funding rewards for donors at the $12, $20, $40, $50, $105, and $215 levels.

"Inclusivity and affordability were two major guiding principles for Megadolls," said MeGa Buitizon, Megadolls founder. "We wanted them to be easily available to children anywhere, so we’re launching with a digital site first. Paper dolls were always one of the sweetest parts of my childhood, partly because I could change their outfits or hairstyles whenever I wanted to. That adds a sense of flexibility, imagination, and spontaneity to playtime, while letting children enact scenes from their favorite stories or create games to explore their imagination and creative instincts."

Megadolls: Folding Fun and Empowering Play
  • Opening collections begin with Dolls from Around the World, and the "free download of outfits per day" Shero Collection which includes dolls of all different shades, blends, and body types including hyperpigmentation, hirsutism, and missing limbs which encourage acceptance at an early age. And boy-doll collections are currently in design.
  • One subscription gives instant access to thousands of style combinations with tons of free downloads and content from the website. Simply select a doll and accessories, print them, cut them out, and have fun!
  • Easily navigated collection with monthly subscription rewards and limited-edition downloads of new dolls and accessories; change up styles every month.
  • Innovative tab-less template design allows dolls to be clothed in a simple fold-over-and-hang method, eliminating messy or difficult tabs. Each doll is fully clothed, front and back.
  • Promote interpersonal relationship building and empathy with a beautiful, bright color palette that encourages different virtues.

"We want kids to highlight differences and celebrate diversity. Which is why the collection promotes variety through elaborate customization. And we also allow children to display inner strengths, like perseverance and courage, using a unique and specific color-coded styling. These are next-generation paper dolls that will help parents reduce excessive screen-time for their children, while fostering a much more creative playtime. Our collection offers more variety and customization than any other paper doll line. And because there are always new dolls and new combinations, Megadolls guarantees a unique game every single time."

About Megadolls

Megadolls are a step-up enhancement to a classic activity: reintroducing a game that encourages children to learn and explore the world around them through tactile play. Megadolls recognizes that times have changed and parents are busier than ever – but suggests playtime should still include imagination and human interaction.

Paper dolls have always had a special place in children’s hearts, and Megadolls brings them back in a mega way. With many inclusivity improvements for the modern-day child, all Megadolls outfits can be downloaded and printed at home – adding a modern convenience to a beloved childhood classic. Learn more by following the Megadolls Kickstarter.

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MeGa Buitizon

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