Success for All’s Curiosity Corner Preschool Program Approved in Ohio

BALTIMORE and COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Success for All Foundation is excited to announce that Curiosity Corner, its comprehensive pre-kindergarten program, has been approved by the Ohio Department of Education for inclusion on the state’s list of high quality instructional materials. The program has met the rigorous criteria established by the Department, ensuring alignment with the science of reading and effective literacy instruction strategies. 

Curiosity Corner is a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program designed specifically for 4-year-olds. Research-proven and endorsed by educators nationwide, Curiosity Corner focuses on enhancing children’s development across nine essential domains: personal, interpersonal, language and literacy, mathematics, cognitive, science, social studies, creative, and physical.

“We are delighted that Curiosity Corner has been recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as an approved pre-kindergarten program,” said Julie Wible, CEO at Success for All Foundation. “This approval underscores our commitment to providing engaging and effective early childhood education that lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning.”

The program is structured around eighteen engaging themes, offering rich experiences and planned skill development in each area. Emphasizing cooperative learning, Curiosity Corner provides frequent opportunities for children to engage in discussions, express ideas orally, and work collaboratively with peers. The curriculum follows a spiral approach, allowing children to master concepts at their own pace through repeated exposure and practice.

Curiosity Corner integrates literacy and math skills within thematic units, while online lessons and video support enhance the learning experience for both students and teachers. With most materials provided and packaged for minimal preparation, educators can maximize instructional time and effectiveness in the classroom.

During the critical ages of birth to 5, children’s brains are rapidly developing, laying the foundation for future learning and development. High-quality early childhood education programs like Curiosity Corner not only benefit children’s cognitive and social-emotional growth but also have long-term societal impacts, including increased parental workforce participation and improved educational outcomes..

Success for All has a long, successful history of working with schools in Ohio, and is committed to providing educators and communities with evidence-based programs that support children’s success from the earliest years. With the approval of Curiosity Corner as a pre-kindergarten program in Ohio, Success for All continues to advance its mission of ensuring every child has access to high-quality education opportunities.

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Anna Fox

SOURCE Success for All Foundation