‘Star Wars’-Themed Business, “DynamicSabers,” is Redefining the Lightsaber Market for Cosplayers and Collectors

BOSTON, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DynamicSabers crafts high-end custom lightsabers, delivering a unique product to collectors, cosplayers, and ‘Star Wars’ enthusiasts all around the globe. 

The company has seen the recent addition of high-end technology to its product lineup. Neopixel technology, as it is called, is a recently developed ultra-realistic type of lightsaber blade, which, when added to products sold by DynamicSabers, makes the lighting of the blade as realistic as in the movies. This high-end technology has revolutionized the industry, and has become popular among the ever-growing fan base.

“We’re glad to have introduced this new technology to our products,” said William, DynamicSabers founder and president. “It was a highly demanded addition, which we just knew we had to make available. Our fans now have the chance to live out their greatest fantasies in the most realistic way possible.” The addition of Neopixel technology to DynamicSabers comes amidst a large increase in the company’s product lineup, including lightsabers based on characters popular within the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. 

But what makes neopixel technology so special? While most lightsabers are illuminated via a light source from within the hilt (or handle), neopixel lightsabers are illuminated from within the blade itself. Neopixel blades use individual 50-watt LED strips to create a perfectly illuminated blade. Even more interesting, is that each of these 50-watt LED strips can be controlled, resulting in a nearly infinite number of special effects. The neopixel blades offered by DynamicSabers also include an 32GB SD card, which can be used to add custom blade colors and effects.

Due to its ever-increasing product line and dedicated fanbase, DynamicSabers has become a popular choice for lightsaber collectors and cosplayers. The company is anticipating a boost in popularity as a result of the upcoming Los Angeles Comic Con in early December. “With our new product lineup, we want to give cosplayers the opportunity to choose from a large variety of lightsabers to show off at comic con. Our neopixel blades will surely draw the attention of many convention goers,” said William. 

DynamicSabers is an established online retailer of high-end lightsabers for both cosplayers and collectors. They are based in the United States and have distribution around the world to countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia. To purchase a lightsaber from them please visit: https://dynamicsabers.com/.

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