‘Star Wars’ Cosplayers and Collectors Turn to DynamicSabers, a Lightsaber Retailer Startup

BOSTON, Oct. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nothing says ‘Star Wars’ more than the infamous lightsaber, which has seen ever-increasing demand from collectors and cosplayers alike. This phenomenon has been brought about by an increasing interest in the franchise, with the release of the sequel movies, new video games, and new shows all playing their part. DynamicSabers, a startup founded just a few years ago, has seen this demand firsthand. To meet it, they offer dozens of different lightsabers in their collection – all highly realistic, and built for dueling. These lightsabers even have their own variants, such as different hilt colors and cores – electronics within the sabers themselves.

DynamicSabers utilizes two main electronics in their products: RGB Baselit and Neopixel cores. Although different, both provide realistic effects and sounds to the lightsabers they inhabit. However, the difference comes in the blade illumination. Baselit lightsabers use light from within the hilt itself, while Neopixel lightsabers are illuminated from within the blade itself with 50-watt LED strips. Neopixel lightsabers are the highest end lightsabers available on the market to date, with maximum illumination and many complex effects. Neopixel options are available on all of the company’s lightsabers.

Aware of the desire for such products, DynamicSabers has worked hard to cultivate a fan following. Boasting tens of thousands of followers on its Instagram page, the company certainly has a loyal fan base. This process has been years in the making, with the company continuing to grow its fanbase every day. DynamicSabers has worked hard to keep its customers intrigued, always releasing new products to their collection. The company looks forward to its busy season every year, during the months of October, November, and December, when comic cons and the holidays take place. “The fans always want more, and we are happy to provide. Being a part of this community is very rewarding to us,” said a representative of the company. 

But what does the future hold? For DynamicSabers, the answer is simple: more lightsabers, and more fun. The company intends on continuing to expand its product line, knowing its fans want as much variety as possible. As its technology and design abilities advance over time, DynamicSabers hopes to continuously satisfy the growing demands of its many customers. Those looking to partake in the fun can discover the company’s products at: https://dynamicsabers.com/.

Howard Lee

SOURCE DynamicSabers