Smart Labz Launches Affordable, Innovative Online Platform Featuring Live One-On-One Tutoring

ISELIN, N.J., Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Syam Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Texila American University, today announced the launch of Smart Labz (, a low-cost option for K-12 students who have been impacted by COVID-19. Smart Labz was not only designed for those who are relegated to home online learning due to COVID-19, but also those who need additional help with homework and require additional special topics-based tutoring.

“We created Smart Labz as an alternative to more costly online tutoring platforms to provide an innovative online solution for school children to have access to live tutors for one-on-one help,” said Saju Bhaskar, president of Texila Education Consortium (TEC), the parent company of Smart Labz. “I have seen my son struggle through the online classes where the learning was minimal during the COVID pandemic and realized that without supplemental support, he and students like him were potentially missing out on essential education and missing out on learning in a live environment. Most of our competitors are expensive and so we developed an innovative (BRICS) model, which is affordable, effective and actively involves parents in all decision making.”

The company’s trademark differentiator is focused on utilizing the BRICS model (, a unique program tailored to make students learn more effectively online. The BRICS model was developed by Smart Labz parent company, Texila American University, based on its years of working with students. Its premise is aimed at empowering students to be independent learners. Its main emphasis is teaching tailored content based on each students’ needs and reinforcing learning with practice questions. BRICS is interactive and is aimed at engaging students and supporting their independent thoughts, and to answer questions and address any challenges students might be having with a lesson plan.

“Both my daughters are enrolled in Smart Labz and they really like it,” said Rohini G., whose 4th grade and 2nd grade children chose Smart Labz as their tutoring option. “The content is not difficult, is online friendly and made with (students) in mind. They can use it very easily. I highly recommend Smart Labz to parents.”

Smart Labz works with parents of students to identify specific education needs and tailors a program or programs specifically for each student matching them with the appropriate tutor ( Smart Labz does not embrace a “cookie cutter” approach and understands that every student learns differently. Therefore, after an assessment, Smart Labz matches each student with a live tutor with specific experience in areas relevant to the student’s needs. If for some reason the student prefers a different tutor, Smart Labz will provide the student a new tutor of their choosing at no charge.

Some of the key benefits of the Smart Labz BRICS program include: 1) Improving a student’s focus and concentration; 2) Improving creativity; 3) Helping students become independent learners; 4) Supporting students in building a strong foundation for future success in learning; 5) Improved grades; 6) On-demand options for immediate assistance; and 7) Lessons modeled after school curriculum.

Additionally, Smart Labz tutoring program costs 20 to 40 percent less than other similar services. Smart Labz one-on-one tutoring eliminates the distraction of other students allowing the tutor to focus specifically on the student with whom they are working. We provide monthly progress reports on each students’ performance and conduct monthly meetings with parents to discuss their child’s progress. Parents may also request to discuss their child’s performance at any time, receiving free academic consultation and advice from Smart Labz’ academic coordinators. 

Smart Labz is operated by TEC, which is headquartered in New Jersey. TEC is a leading innovator in the field of education and has been operating education institutions in four different continents since 2005. TEC has graduated more than 3000 graduates since its inception.

With more than 15 years of experience, TEC has been committed to developing, offering, and investing in innovative programs, facilities, and operations within the fields of education and technology in North America, South America, India, and Africa. The group brings together a diversity of knowledge and experience with senior leadership from around the world, serving as experts within medicine, education, research, health information technology, business strategy development, leadership, and management.

For more information about  Smart Labz, please view our website, call (732)391-9313, or visit us on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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