Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress – Model MIEmmaB Loans Out High-Fashion Dresses to Help Teens Feel Their Best on Prom Night

FLINT, Mich., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Model MIEmmaB recently opened up about her ongoing high-fashion prom dress loan program featured on Instagram. The 16-year-old Michigan-based model began her career at just 9 years of age helping promote Midland Center for the Arts on social media. But as her career evolved, MIEmmaB soon realized she could help others in another way, with expensive dresses that sat unused in her basement closet after each photoshoot. Combining forces with her mother, who had a similar celebrity charity idea, MIEmmaB began a campaign to loan teen girls the expensive dresses for a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime prom experience.

"So many teens have waited two years just to participate in a live prom," said MIEmmaB. "And making prom and homecoming memories that last forever has always been an American rite of passage, especially since those occasions are celebrated with friends and loved ones. But dresses are prohibitively expensive – usually in the hundreds of dollars. And there are so many models and celebrities who use a lot of expensive clothes and then just discard or store them indefinitely. So, I found a better use for those clothes. This project enables teens across the nation easy access to designer dresses for a variety of special occasions."

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Having amassed over 200 formal and semi-formal gowns in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 00 to size 20, MIEmmaB is offering access to her growing collection at no cost other than shipping.

"Over the years, Emma’s dress collection has grown to include literally dozens of semi-formal and formal gowns," said Carrie, MIEmmaB’s mother. "We’re offering them on a loan basis, but we’d love to partner with others who can help us spread the word and even cover the costs of shipping and dry cleaning – making these a truly free loan. We’ve added our project to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for those wanting to help support this project. We think of it like ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’ except we’re sharing dresses and memories. I’ve also begun working on an earlier idea that allows celebrities to partner with us, offering their lightly or used-once garments as a charitable gift that we can auction off to help teens who are in need."

"MIEmmaB is no stranger to giving back," said Carrie. "For example, she’s brand ambassador for Last Mile Cafe in Grand Rapids which helps provide clean drinking water. Emma still has some neurological effects from drinking Flint’s lead-tainted water during the Flint Water Crisis, and this evolving partnership was a great fit for Emma’s passion for environmental preservation. She also recently partnered with VIVAIA, a business that makes sustainable footwear by using discarded plastics found in the ocean. She models their footwear and talks about eco-friendly shoes and boots."

Girls can visit to see all of the available dresses, and for those who wish to donate a dress, another website – – allows dresses to be submitted and registered before being shipped. Also visit the Buy Nothing Project on Facebook to learn about the growing global gift economy.

"Thank you so much for what you do! It was a night she will never forget!" –Said a mother of a recent dress recipient

For the latest dresses, or to learn more about MIEmmaB and her career, follow her on Instagram @MIEmmaB.

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Carrie Dudek, MIEmmaB’s mom