Serenity Kids Launches First Ever Grain Free & Rice Free Puffs

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Serenity Kids, the nation’s fastest growing baby food brand continues to expand its offering with the introduction of the first ever to market, rice free and grain free puffs. The family-owned brand has successfully differentiated their products with convenient and nutrient-packed baby foods that actually taste delicious! Most other puffs on the market are made with nutrient poor grains like rice or wheat, and contain added sugar or fruit sweeteners. Serenity Kids’ new Grain Free Puffs are made from nutrient-rich cassava root and organic vegetables, and are deliciously savory, not sweet with zero grams of sugar. The Grain Free Puffs are made from dehydrated organic vegetables, grass fed beef bone broth, and olive oil.

Serenity Kids’ Grain Free Puffs are available in three distinct flavor combinations: Carrot & Beet with Olive Oil, Broccoli & Spinach with Bone Broth & Olive Oil, and Tomato & Mushroom with Bone Broth & Olive Oil. All of them are certified Gluten-Free, non-GMO, and made with USDA Organic Certified vegetables, with no sugary fruit.

“This line of Grain Free Puffs is a natural extension of our pouches. We wanted to keep providing nutrient-dense, healthy options for babies as they grow up. They can snack on these puffs anytime throughout the day without parents worrying about the ingredients. Plus, the flavors are toddler-approved! Our daughter and fellow kid testers love them!” said Serenity Carr, co-founder and CEO of Serenity Kids.

This unique product line is an essential alternative to rice puff snacks currently in the market. “As a parent, I worry about contaminants in packaged baby and toddler foods, especially rice-based products that can have high levels of toxic heavy metals, like arsenic,” said Carr. “We’ve been developing this product for nearly two years and are thrilled to be sharing it with parents and toddlers as a tasty, healthy, and safe snack.”

Serenity Kids’ Grain Free Puffs are debuting into the market at the perfect time when parents may be concerned about the recent Congressional report on high levels of toxic heavy metals in many baby foods, especially rice puffs. Serenity Kids only uses ingredients without any antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides, fillers, or major allergens. The Grain Free Puffs have been tested for heavy metals and other environmental toxins and fall well below the European standards, which are among the strictest in the world. The company is dedicated to third-party testing for contaminants and partners with the Clean Label Project for certification. The Clean Label Project has reviewed the brand’s pouches and is currently reviewing the puffs for their Purity Award.

The new Grain Free Puffs line is shelf-stable and major allergen-free, with a slight crunchy texture that is easily dissolvable and edible for toddlers without teeth. They are suitable for toddlers who can sit independently, use pincer grasp to self-feed, crawl with their stomach off the ground, or use their jaws to mash food between gums.

Serenity Kids’ Grain Free Puffs are currently available online at and in Whole Foods nationwide. The Grain Free Puffs retail between $4.99$5.49 each.                

About Serenity Kids:

Serenity Kids is Texas-based baby food brand of the highest nutritional, ethical, and taste standards. Sparked by the co-founder couple Serenity and Joe Carr’s desire for healthier food for their baby, Della, the duo created an option that is high in protein and healthy fats from grass fed and pastured animals raised on American family farms, and blended with organic vegetables, without sugary fruits. Currently available in 3.5 oz. single serving pouches in 13 different varieties.

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