Serenity Kids Joins Partnership for a Healthier America & Land to Market to Further Their Mission of Making Babies Healthier

Leading nutrient-dense baby and toddler food brand launches three new Meat + Herb puree varieties nationwide with Land to Market verification and joins the Veggies Early & Often initiative to emphasize the importance of regenerative agriculture and diversifying veggie intake from an early age

AUSTIN, Texas, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Serenity Kids, the fastest growing shelf-stable baby food brand on the market, has joined two prominent organizations that support their mission to create nutrient-rich, savory, and safe products that little ones love and parents feel good about feeding them. Serenity Kids has joined with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), participating in the Veggies Early & Often initiative, and Land To Market (LTM), the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture – to further drive access to nutrient-rich and sustainably sourced baby food options for parents and caregivers.

"At Serenity Kids, our primary goal is to light a fire under the baby food industry with innovative and premium baby and toddler foods that have never been created before," said Joe Carr, co-founder and President of Serenity Kids. "We are the solution to the lack of nutrition, quality, and sourcing that was available in the market and we’re proud to give parents products they feel safe feeding their kids. We pride ourselves on the quality of every one of our products. We’re beyond thrilled to partner with both PHA and LTM. These leading nonprofits are picking up where the government and industry has failed and are working to make positive improvements to the system, environment, and our children’s overall health."

The family-owned and mission-based brand is debuting three new gourmet inspired Meats + Herbs baby food pouch offerings, available online at, on Amazon, and in Whole Foods Market nationwide for $3.99 per pouch. In keeping with Serenity Kids’ high product standards across all of the lines, these new pouches are made with ethically sourced meat from American family farms that utilize regenerative farming techniques and Certified USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO Project Verified vegetables and herbs. Serenity Kids only uses ingredients without any antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides, fillers, GMOs, or major allergens. The new gourmet flavor varieties include:

  • Grass Fed Beef & Ginger with Organic Red Bell Pepper & Broccoli
  • Free Range Chicken & Thyme with Organic Parsnip & Beet
  • Pasture Raised Turkey & Rosemary with Organic Purple Carrot, Zucchini, & Celery

Serenity Kids’ new gourmet Ethically Sourced Meats + Herbs pouches are a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, that help growing little ones learn to enjoy complex flavors and sets them up for healthier eating. Meat contains the most bioavailable fat and protein of any other food, necessary to support the rapid growth of bodies and brains. Pasture raised meat is proven to be extra high in micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, Omega-3s, and conjugated linoleic acids. Serenity Kids’ new Ethically Sourced Meats + Herbs varieties offer five grams of protein and five grams of healthy fats, as well as functional herbs that are rich in antioxidants to help boost the immune system.

Additionally, Serenity Kids’ new Grass Fed Beef & Ginger will be the first product from the line to be officially verified regenerative by LTM, the gold standard for land health. LTM’s verification process guarantees that an animal product came from land that is scientifically proven to be regenerating year after year.

As a program of the Savory Institute, LTM is working to heal the planet by restoring its grasslands. LTM is giving a voice to the land by working with brands to source raw materials, like meat, dairy, wool, and leather, from land that is verified regenerative. Look for the LTM verification seal on products in the marketplace to support farmers that are doing right by the planet through their environmental stewardship. This partnership and verification further proves the high sourcing standards and sustainable mission behind Serenity Kids that runs through every part of the brand.

"As a father and earth minded human, I have always sought to find the best products with the most intentionally sourced ingredients based on quality, nutrient density, and best in class land management. It feels good and right to be purchasing a product I know came from land that is regenerating," said Land to Market’s Chief Operating Officer, David Rizzo. "Parents like myself can vote with their dollar to support brands, like Serenity Kids, and farmers who are doing better by the environment."

As reported, only 10% of children consume the daily recommended amount of vegetables which is an ongoing problem resulting in early health issues. PHA, a nonprofit organization founded in conjunction with Michelle Obama, develops evidence-based approaches to create lasting, systemic changes that are implemented in partnership with the private sector, nonprofits, and government, to accelerate the pace of positive improvement and health equity. The Veggies Early & Often initiative aims to lead a movement for a higher standard in the baby food industry towards more vegetable-forward meals that will instill healthy eating habits during the formative years of infancy and beyond. Serenity Kids’ mission of "Every Bite Counts" is in alignment with PHA and is further proven by the brand’s products exceeding the high requirements necessary to utilize the Veggies Early & Often icon.

"Partnering with Serenity Kids is one more exciting step forward in building a healthier and more equitable food environment for our youngest eaters," said Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO, Partnership for a Healthier America. "Building the health of America’s next generation is critically important – and it all starts with food and the development of healthy eating habits early and often." 

Serenity Kids’ three new pouches bring the total offerings to 18 nutrient-dense baby food pouch varieties in three lines – Ethically Sourced Meats, Organic Savory Veggies, and Purees with Bone Broth. Just recently, the brand also launched a new line of Grain Free Puffs with five varieties for healthy and savory toddler snacking, as well as the first-ever Grass Fed A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula. Serenity Kids also has an established partnership with Terracycle which offers free pouch recycling to customers.

About Serenity Kids

Serenity Kids makes premium products of the highest nutritional, ethical, and taste standards. Serenity Kids only uses ingredients without any antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides, fillers, GMOs, or major allergens. All of Serenity Kids’ products are Clean Label Project certified. Serenity Kids’ Ethically Sourced Meat Baby Food, Organic Savory Veggie Baby Food, Purees with Bone Broth, new Grain Free Puffs lines, and new Toddler Formula are available online at, Amazon, and Thrive Market, and in over 5,000 grocery stores nationwide including Harris Teeter, select H-E-B locations, Kroger, Natural Grocers, Meijer, select Albertsons/Safeway locations, Sprouts, Target, Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, and more. For more information on the brand, mission, and products, please go to, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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