Say Goodbye to Boring Holiday Parties: Start a New Tradition with ‘Yule Never Guess,’ the Ultimate Christmas Trivia Game Taking America by Storm

PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This holiday season, say farewell to the same old Christmas games and embrace a new festive tradition with “Yule Never Guess,” now available on on the Yule Never Guess product listing. This isn’t your mom’s Christmas trivia game. They’ve painstakingly researched, crafted and curated the most challenging and fun Christmas trivia game ever conceived. It’s also healthy, low calorie and comes with a handy bow for that last minute gift or in case you run out wrap. Say goodbye to Christmas boredom and hello to hours of entertainment; perfect for bringing the whole family together.

Created by Decdienamix, “Yule Never Guess” is 110 cards written with a mix of wit, challenge and holiday spirit, making it the most engaging Christmas trivia game on the market. It’s not only super fun and simple to play, but it’s also designed to be a new family tradition that includes everyone, from the youngest elves to the wisest of white-bearded grandpas.

Each card has a question and answer on one side and a QR Code on the other. Unlike the other trivia games, “Yule Never Guess” backs up each answer. Don’t believe the answer or want to know more? Just scan the code with your phone and you’ll be taken to a wiki page or website that lays out the evidence.

Game Categories
Each of the six categories (Entertainment, History, Movies, Music, Stories and Traditions) is filled with carefully researched content that promises to challenge and delight. “Yule Never Guess” is not just a game; it’s a way to cure Christmas boredom, bring family and friends together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Priced at $29.95, with $5 off promo codes on their Facebook and Instagram pages, “Yule Never Guess” is an affordable way to enhance your holiday festivities. It’s an excellent choice for office parties, a fantastic stocking stuffer, the perfect Advent calendar gift and certainly better than a lump of coal.

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About Decdienamix
Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Decdienamix was established to create innovative and engaging entertainment experiences. “Yule Never Guess” is the first gem in their collection, born from the imaginative mind of Doron Krinetz, the company’s founder.

Doron’s vision for “Yule Never Guess” was sparked years ago during a Christmas Eve gathering that brought family and friends together for a homemade game of Christmas trivia. The joy and bonding experienced during that game ignited a passion in Doron to recreate and share that feeling with the world. He set out to design a game that encapsulated the essence of family, fun and the festive spirit of the season.

“Yule Never Guess” — A New Christmas Tradition!

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