Pranks Anonymous Makes Sending a Gift in the Mail an Explosively Good Time

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pranks Anonymous announces a totally revamped catalog with new ways to send devilish fun pranks and gag gifts anonymously in the mail to friends and family.

These days, it’s truly special to receive a physical package or card in the mail. With email, social media, and all the other ways people have gone digital, “snail mail” has become something of a forgotten way to stay in touch. It’s often the last thing someone thinks about when wanting to connect with an old friend or co-worker.

Since 2017, Pranks Anonymous has been sending people curious and anonymous prank packages around the world to unsuspecting friends, family and coworkers aims to change that with their truly unique gifting service.

What better way to spice up someone’s day than sending them a Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb. The top-rated flagship product got a face lift this year and is now triple the size of any other similar product on the market. A little bit of glitter goes a LONG way and each tube packs up to 4 ounces to guarantee a “fun” clean up.

Want to make the gift giving season the most frustrating experience of the year? Have the novelty experts at Pranks Anonymous put a Hilarious Singing Greeting Card or Glitter Bomb Card inside six boxes with their Box in a Box prank.

People have been expressing themselves through greeting cards for over a hundred years. Strangely, there has been no innovation in greeting cards for decades and sometimes a folded piece of cardstock just doesn’t cut it. Change up the boring routine by sending a Never Ending Card for their next birthday, anniversary or just because. These cards are designed to loop an annoying or embarrassing sound for up to four hours when the recipient opens the card. Want to add a note before sending the card? Just write your message before peeling off the safety tap or have Pranks add a custom message for you!

If you didn’t get enough glitter from the Spring-Loaded Glitter Bomb, you can always send a Glitter Bomb Card in the mail with a custom note for your recipient to read after they clean themselves up. 

At the end of the day, Pranks Anonymous’ unique service of sending gifts is a fresh new way to have fun and stay in touch with those close to you. Whether you need a laugh, want to mess with someone, or just want to remind a person you’re there, Pranks Anonymous has you covered.

They even offer a 20% discount on your first order. With things getting more and more expensive by the day, Pranks Anonymous understands that having fun doesn’t have to break the bank.

Boasting a 4.8 Star Rating across over 5000 reviews, Pranks Anonymous is a time-tested brand that will spice up your life, so head over to to send a gift today.

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