Prank-O, the Hilarious Gag Gift Brand, Launches Four New Prank Gift Boxes for The Holiday Season

These New Boxes Are Sure to Bring More Laughter and A Lot More Fun to Gift Giving

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prank-O, the brand dedicated to providing a little deception and a lot of laughs to the gift-giving experience, launched four new Prank Gift Boxes in time for the holiday season. These boxes disguise the real present by pretending to be an outrageous, yet semi-plausible product on the outside. There is an option for anyone in the family or friend group, including animal lovers, gardeners, parents and families, adding even more fun to an already joyous exchange.

“Prank-O is dedicated to making gift-giving a hilarious and outrageous moment with loved ones. Our boxes are designed to hide the real gift, such as a sweater or slippers, with a fake product that seems too crazy to be true,” said Arik Nordby, Co-founder, and designer of Prank-O. “Once the person receiving the gift opens the box and figures out it’s a prank, there’s even more laughter while reading the copy on the box. So, ditch ordinary gift boxes for ones that are sure to create fun and gratitude. With these four new Prank Pack Gift Boxes, there are even more options to match any personality type!”

The new Prank Pack Gift Boxes include the following themes:

  • The Squirrel Hot Tub — Bring a nature lover and backyard decorator to hysterics with the most innovative (and relaxing) wildlife feeder to date!
  • Pet Tail Extensions —Take a pet’s beauty to new lengths! This prank gift box is the perfect laugh for the pet owner/pamperer you know.
  • Cat Hat — Don’t just buy a cat tree, BE a cat tree! The Cat Hat prank gift box is a guaranteed laugh for your feline-obsessed friend or relative.
  • Fire Chief — Safety first? How about FUN first? Crack up a parent who values a good old-fashioned family game night.

Explore the wide selection of Prank-O’s Prank Gift Boxes, including these exciting new additions, available for purchase on Prank-O’s Amazon store. To learn more, visit

Prank-O’s mission is to bring laughter to the gifting experience. Products such as Prank Gift Boxes, flyers, cards, wine labels, puzzles, coffee mugs, and more are meant to add more abrupt left turns to life, hide humor in plain sight, and elevate the mundane to the memorable. The hero product, the Prank Gift Box, is screamingly funny, hilariously awful but scarily plausible. They work by placing the real present inside the empty box that features the fake product concept on the outside, and when opened, the prank is revealed. The Prank-O Prank Gift Boxes were featured on Shark Tank in 2018 in which Mark Cuban made an offer. Since then, Prank-O has grown into the company it is today and continues to bring laughs to every occasion and launch new products every year.

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