Practice U's Clothing Line Urges You to Keep Pursuing Your Dreams and Goals

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Practice U has dropped a clothing line inspired by the idea that practice is the key to moving towards self-improvement and pursuing one’s dreams and goals is the backbone of everything considered excellent throughout history. Like life itself, pursuing the dream means overcoming obstacles, whether those be internal or external. Practice U urges everyone to seek their dreams to the best of their ability using their education, intertwined with their talents, gifts, or skill set.

However, there are numerous obstacles one must face in fulfilling their dreams. One of the biggest barriers is distractions. Distractions take a person away from their goals, resulting in losing focus. Common distractions are phones, money, relationships, video games, and so much more. A strategy to help keep one focus is to recall their boundaries such as morals, values, and principles, or the MVP of one’s decision-making learned as a child, teen, and young adult. These teachings can influence one to do what is right when tested or tempted. Practice U’s clothing line reminds a person to resist distractions; one must do the hard work in never giving up their MVP qualities.

Practice U also believes that impatience is another obstacle that one will encounter when pursuing their dreams and goals because nothing extraordinary ever comes easy. Becoming successful or great takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to get to the top. Consequently, patience that leads to wisdom is required. Practice U’s clothing represents not only hard work, but also self-discipline that leads to respect.

Once a person can see and feel the results of their work, their confidence grows, and their ego is energized because success feels good. That is the goal, as confidence can independently carry one to the next level. However, proceed with caution as confidence is gained, it can also turn into a third and fourth obstacle called pride and arrogance. Practice U’s clothing reminds its wearers to stay humble and remember regardless of the amount of success one may reach, the mission is always the same each morning one wakes up. That is to keep moving towards self-improvement and continue to master a higher degree of self.

About Practice U

Practice U was built on the foundational thought that practicing your craft using your education, skillset, and motivation can take a person to greater heights. Mr. Troy Smith founded the concept of Practice U in the summer of 2008. It originated from writing an affirmation to inspire his 5th grade students in the 20th year of his 26 years of teaching at “RADIANT” John Ritter Elementary school, inside the up-and-coming community of Watts, California. The affirmation was simply titled, “The More I Practice, Practice, Practice.”

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Troy Smith

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