PonyCycle® Announces the Release of Brand-New Model U Size 5 Large Product for Bigger Kids

MERCER ISLAND, Wash., Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PonyCycle has announced the release of the brand-new Model U Size 5 product suitable for bigger kids. Now, children of all ages can enjoy riding the PonyCycle. Many PonyCycle customers in the past have requested larger sizes of the PonyCycle product so children older than ten can continue to enjoy the toy as they grow up. PonyCycle listened to these requests and released the Model U Size 5, a realistic riding horse simulator that can be enjoyed by older children with a new greater weight limit of 176 lbs and a height limit of 55 to 67 inches. Even adults within these limits can enjoy the PonyCycle! The new Model U PonyCycle also features hand brakes and an ergonomic vehicle design for a more realistic riding experience. The strong support and well-connected framework allow for a safe and stable ride.

"We are so excited to share this new product line with our customers. For quite some time, people have been asking us to produce a larger size in the PonyCycle products, and now we are finally able to offer these larger sizes so more people can enjoy the fun of PonyCycle. Kids and preteens will love the new features of the Model U series, and the new size allows many more people to enjoy this toy," said Kelly Xia, a representative of PonyCycle, Inc. "Not only does PonyCycle provide the most innovative technology for horse riding toys, but we pay the utmost attention to detail, only using high-quality faux fur and a delicately crafted structure. You can count on PonyCycle to deliver the most realistic horse toy on the market."

The Model U PonyCycle features stabilized wheels and an advanced hand braking system, so parents and children can have a fun and worry-free play experience. The stabilized wheels allow for more surface area contact with the ground, creating a smoother and more stable ride than previous PonyCycle models. Additionally, the new hand braking system, located near the right handle, enables riders to stop the PonyCycle at any time safely. Parents will love these new safety features while their children enjoy the realistic horse-riding simulator, featuring authentic horse sounds and human-powered motion.

This new size of the PonyCycle Model U will come in the same colors as past product lines: white unicorn, pink unicorn, black horse, brown horse, and chocolate brown horse. Now that the Model U comes in a larger size 5, children of all ages and adults within the height and weight limits can safely enjoy the exciting new features of the PonyCycle. The PonyCycle Model U makes an excellent gift for children and preteens while promoting creative, outdoor play that is active and entertaining. Many children and parents in the past have requested larger sizes in the PonyCycle products, and their voices have been heard. PonyCycle is excited to finally be able to answer the requests of loyal customers with the new release of the Model U Size 5.

The PonyCycle can also be purchased directly from the company website at shop.ponycycle.com.

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