PlayLines Launches a Play-Based Learning Subscription

MCLEAN, Va., Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PlayLines is ecstatic to announce the launch of their play-based learning subscription that was started by mom, former fashion executive and entrepreneur, Thandi Gordon.

In a world where kids are spending more time than ever in front of screens, PlayLines is on a mission to bring learning back to the physical world by launching hands-on learning opportunities for kids.

“My daughters became our CTOs, Chief Testing Officers, giving honest feedback on themes and individual items,” says Thandi Gordon, Founder & CEO. “We engaged the help of a child development psychologist to keep us honest about our goals. I identified a group of families with children of various ages and interests to test our bundles. And from this invaluable feedback, PlayLines was born!”

PlayLines offers multiple subscription bundles where you can choose from a wide variety of themes based on your child’s interests and needs.

Play is essential to a child’s cognitive and emotional development helping them increase brain function, boost creativity and develop social skills. PlayLines came out with a new subscription service that delivers monthly boxes of play-based learning activities for kids ages three through ten.

Each box is designed around a different theme and includes everything you need for hours of hands-on fun: non-fiction and fiction books, activities, games, craft projects, costumes and toys curated from the best children’s companies around the world. Also provided are PlayLines original conversation prompt cards with thought provoking fun questions based on the concepts, books and activities in the bundles.

Theme-based learning for young children is a developmentally appropriate practice which is supported by both brain research and the psychology of learning. A theme creates a context for children to see the meaningful applications of academic knowledge and skills. Theme-based learning also integrates different learning areas and skills. Because of this variety, it caters better to children with different learning needs. But most importantly, themes are fun for kids. If children are happy, they are confident, and so are parents. This magic combination makes learning so much more effective.

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