Pie Face Challenge Launches on National Pi Day to Bring Joy to Hospitalized Children

CHESAPEAKE, Va., March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Now you can celebrate National Pi Day without doing the math. LittleBricks Charity is inviting people to join #Pies2Smiles, a pie face challenge that’s launching on National Pi Day to help "Build BIG Smiles" on hospitalized children, by putting LEGO® Sets in the hands of children who truly deserve to smile.

Beginning on National Pi Day, March 14, 2022, you’re invited to get pied in the face with crazy ingredients. Then post the video to social media with hashtag #Pies2Smiles, challenge three friends to join in, and make a suggested $10 donation to LittleBricks Charity at Pies2Smiles.com to ensure a hospitalized child receives a free LEGO® Set. Your friends can choose to join the challenge, or decline with a suggested donation of $100 to LittleBricks Charity at Pies2Smiles.com

"If you have a healthy child at home, you get to see them smile every day," said Russell Cassevah, President and Founder of LittleBricks Charity. "This is a fun way to bring awareness to the needs of medically complex families and bring much-needed joy to their lives by delivering LEGO® Sets to their homes and hospital rooms. The end game is putting a smile on every child’s face."

Cassevah is a three-time Guinness World Record Holder for walking barefoot across 2,737 LEGO® Bricks. He completed a national tour last fall where he distributed 3,000 LEGO® Sets worth an estimated $60,000 during 13 children’s hospital deliveries in 12 states. Cassevah documented the journey on his TikTok profile @LittleBricksCharityGuy, which grew to over 376,000 followers and now inspires the #Pies2Smiles campaign. His own pie challenge videos feature his eight-year-old daughter. "The Slurpee pie is definitely the most challenging – talk about brain freeze. But I’d have to say the hot dog pie complete with mustard and ketchup was the hardest on my pores," said Cassevah.

Cassevah and the Child Life Specialist he works with say the donated LEGO® Sets are the most requested toy for hospitalized children, giving them a mental escape from medical treatments, providing a sense of control, opening lines of communication, and making families smile. 

LittleBricks Charity hopes to donate $100,000 worth of LEGO® Sets in 2022 to hospitalized children. To donate or to nominate your hospitalized child for a LEGO® Set, visit LittleBricksCharity.org

About LittleBricks Charity
LittleBricks Charity "Builds BIG Smiles" by delivering LEGO® Sets to hospitalized children across the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 2019, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit is headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia. To donate or to nominate your child, visit LittleBricksCharity.org. LittleBricks Charity is not sponsored or endorsed by The LEGO® Group.

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