One Voice Children’s Choir Uses Their Voices to Raise Awareness of Their Nonprofit with “Little Voice”

SALT LAKE CITY, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One Voice Children’s Choir is using their voices to raise awareness of their nonprofit with the release of “Little Voice” originally written and performed by Sara BareillesWatch the official music video. “Many people don’t know we are part of a nonprofit organization. The music and music videos we release are tied directly to our mission,” said music director Masa Fukuda. “We love how this song reminds us that ‘sometimes a little voice can say the biggest things.”

“Children and teens need to be given a voice and to be taken seriously,” said Shiloh, a 15-year-old choir member. “While we as children are still learning and developing, so is the rest of the world. We all deserve to be heard!”

“The reason I want a voice in the world is because I want to help our world. Whether that may be through song or speech, I want a voice to make the world a more safe and peaceful place. To have a voice is to inspire people to act upon what is right,” said William, a 15-year-old choir member. 

One Voice Children’s Choir is the flagship ambassador program for One Voice Children, a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire the world through the power of children’s voices.

“There are many amazing organizations working hard to save children—One Voice Children is where you come to hear them,” said Tanner DeWaal, chief executive officer of the nonprofit. “Our vision is a world where children lead out in creating a kind and understanding community for all through genuine, purposeful, and heart-felt communication. Bareilles reminds us to not take the potential of our voices for granted in the lyrical phrase, ‘we’ve been handed the mountain tops to sing from.’ Let us all commit to use our voices for good starting today, one word at a time.”

About One Voice Children
One Voice Children’s Choir has 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 billion music  video views across social media platforms—and they are just getting started. They plan to introduce a podcast program, magazine and several large scale initiatives over the next few years. The organization relies on donations to help subsidize costs for its members, assist with financial aid, fund programs and initiatives, and help amplify children’s voices. To donate, visit their website

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