OliviaR Jewelry Announces the Launch of SEED Collection

LOS ANGELES, July 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OliviaR, the woman-owned fine jewelry company known for its high-quality pieces and commitment to celebrating the unique journey to parenthood, is thrilled to announce the launch of its debut collection, The SEED. This exquisite line is designed to honor the personal and profound experiences of parents, blending the elegance of premium jewelry with the deep emotional significance of family and parenthood.

Each piece in The SEED collection is crafted with the finest diamonds and delivered with complimentary 2-day FedEx shipping. Customers can also personalize their jewelry, ensuring each bespoke charm serves as a reminder of a moment in time, person or place individual to their own story.

“We believe that jewelry should be more than just beautiful; it should be meaningful,” said Irina Reeves, founder of OliviaR. “The SEED collection is a testament to the courage, love, and hope that defines the wonderful journey to parenthood.”

A Journey of Strength and Love: The Origins of OliviaR

The story behind the creation of OliviaR is a deeply personal one. Irina grew up in Russia with traditional family values but sought her own ambitions. As a teenager in Moscow, she aspired to travel, further her education, and build a career. She moved to London for a second master’s degree and a new job, then to New York for a third master’s degree. There, she met her husband and decided to start a family.

The path was not as straightforward as she’d expected. Three years ago, Irina suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy, leaving her with an overwhelming sense of loneliness and grief. Through support from her family and community, she channeled her pain into something meaningful. Irina created a custom bracelet for her sister that celebrated the love and bond she shared with her two children. This inspired OliviaR, a jewelry brand honoring the special journey to parenthood and the deep ties of family.

Determined to turn her passion into a business, Irina delved into jewelry design and manufacturing, meticulously developing her brand. During this process, she became pregnant. The simultaneous birth of her daughter, Olivia, in May 2023 and her brand symbolized Irina’s belief in successfully balancing both family and career.

Celebrating Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Family Connections

OliviaR launched its online sales platform in April 2024 and has quickly garnered attention for its exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and heartfelt mission. One satisfied client shared, “Absolutely obsessed with this bracelet. It’s super stylish and will go with everything.” Another remarked, “These bracelets are amazing! Perfect fit and you can tell they are great quality.”

The SEED collection features both Boy and Girl Bracelets available in Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold.

Looking ahead, OliviaR has plans to introduce a masculine line and a variety of necklaces, aiming to appeal to a wider audience while continuing to honor diverse family bonds.

More than just a jewelry brand, OliviaR is a celebration of the courage it takes to navigate the challenges of parenthood. Whether commemorating a long-awaited pregnancy, remembering a loved one, or simply cherishing the miracle of family, their custom pieces serve as tangible reminders of enduring love and hope. “We understand that everyone’s journey to parenthood is unique,” Irina said. “At OliviaR, we strive to honor the foundation of pure love families are built upon—even in times of doubt.”

About OliviaR
OliviaR, a woman-owned fine jewelry company based in Los Angeles, celebrates the unique journey to parenthood through high-quality, keepsake pieces. Launched by Irina Reeves, OliviaR combines exceptional craftsmanship with personal significance, as seen in the debut SEED collection. Inspired by Irina’s own experiences, the brand honors family connections with custom diamond jewelry designed to symbolize love and hope. For more information, visit OliviaR.com.

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