Nutrition Company PlantBaby Launches a New Line of Products – Kiki Butter

Kiki Butter is a multi-use, all-organic, and nutrient-diverse butter that can be spread and scooped to enjoy in sandwiches, snacks, and more – or blended with water to create Kiki Milk.

KAUAI, Hawaii, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative nutrition company PlantBaby is adding to its portfolio of the purest plant-based products, which support the nutritional journey from infancy into adulthood, with the announcement of its newest line of products – Kiki Butter.

Kiki Butter is a multi-use and nutrient-diverse spreadable butter crafted exclusively with organic whole food ingredients such as organic oats, seeds, and creamy coconut. Jam-packed with allergen-friendly superfoods and overflowing with flavor, it can be used like a traditional nut-and-seed butter or blended with water to create Kiki Milk at home.

“The intention behind this product was to make Kiki Milk more affordable without compromising the quality of ingredients,” said Alex and Lauren Abelin, Co-Founders of PlantBaby. “After seeing if at-home kits might work, we realized we could blend all of the organic ingredients of Kiki Milk into an oat-and-seed butter and make milk with it. But what surprised us the most was that we were also making an incredibly tasty and nutrient-dense peanut or almond butter replacement!”

PlantBaby is launching its Butter line with its signature Original flavor, and has plans to launch Unsweetened and Mermaid flavors in the coming months. Like all PlantBaby products, Original Kiki Butter does not contain seed oils, gums, refined sugars, natural and artificial flavors, or common allergens like soy or gluten. All of the whole food ingredients are certified organic, non-GMO and rigorously third-party tested to verify they are free from glyphosate and heavy metals. Additionally, Kik Butter is the company’s first Kosher-Certified product.

“In our household, it’s been known to disappear before making it into the blender,” said Lauren Abelin. “We spoon it straight from the jar, serve it with fruit, and even spread it on toast. We’ve also been playing around with reinventing the PB&J …a Kiki&J, if you will, for a more nutrient-diverse, no-nut butter. The possibilities with this new product are endless, and we can’t wait to see how people will use it!”

Available on, each 8-ounce jar yields 75 ounces of Kiki Milk and retails for $13.00 for subscribers and $14.00 for one-time purchasers – cutting the cost-per-ounce almost in half when compared to a 12-pack of 8-ounce Kiki Milk.

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About PlantBaby

PlantBaby is a future-forward nutrition movement developing a portfolio of clean-label, organic, plant-based foods, beverages, formulas, and supplements to support children on their nutritional journey from infancy into adulthood. Founded in 2020 in Kauai, Hawaii, PlantBaby is dedicated to restoring harmony in our food and agricultural systems by supporting regenerative agriculture and sourcing climate-friendly crops. In December 2021, PlantBaby launched Kiki Milk in Original and Chocolate flavors and has since been expanding the portfolio with the introduction of Mac Nut Kiki Milk and more to come. PlantBaby is proud to partner with Farmer’s Footprint and Planet FWD, two organizations committed to building a healthier Planet Earth. For additional information, visit,, and @kikimilkco.

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