New Mexico Tech Startup Parental Values LLC Innovates Online Child Protection

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — September marks the 1-year anniversary for Google’s and YouTube’s astounding settlement of $170M for violating children’s federal privacy laws. This landmark case set the precedence for child privacy reform. During Covid-19, families have become preoccupied with online education, virtual entertainment, and internet safety applications. New Mexico’s tech-driven Parental Values LLC, is leading the state’s ‘s mobile device management with its revolutionary and certified COPPA-compliant mobile app that helps keep children safe online.

Children’s smart devices are becoming so integral to their daily lives, that Parental Values LLC is pushing to the forefront of children’s online safety. Their Online Monitoring, Parental Controls, Safe Driving, and Family Locator features help keep children safe and protected. All Parental Values features go through a certified COPPA-compliant procedure, enabling the app to develop even more life-saving features. The company is also organizing this data for machine learning in preparation for “Echo Alert” – an automated gunfire recognition component that will send precise location information to law enforcement in active shooter situations. 

With “Echo Alert,” children’s smartphones could provide first responders with critical information without adversely affecting a child’s mobile experience or violating privacy laws. According to Parental Values, “Developing life-saving features requires legal compliance; there’s no way around it.Many of our competitors would rather claim they don’t knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13 than be transparent about how it’s collected, stored, and transferred.” 

Parents that demand increased online protection for their children can rely on the parental control features found on New Mexico’s Veteran Owned and COPPA-compliant Parental Values App. Download the app by visiting or searching “Parental Values” in the Google Playstore and the Galaxy Store or find more information at

About Parental Values
The Parental Values headquarters are in Albuquerque, NM. The award-winning company is a recipient of New Mexico’s 2018 Innovation Voucher. Parental Values continues to develop its app with the goal of positively impacting the direction of a child’s life.

New Mexico is at a pivotal moment with Covid-19 – parents are becoming deeply involved with their children’s education, friends, and online safety. New Mexico families are welcoming our legal business sense in developing life-saving features on behalf of their children,” Jason Boxum, Parental Values President.

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Jason Aaron Boxum

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