New Game That Promotes Meaningful Conversation and Fun Interactions to Launch with Dynamic Kickstarter Campaign

Graticube® is a little game with a big heart based on a true story

DENVER, Nov. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What if a game was more than just a game? What if one game could kickstart meaningful conversations and dynamic personal interaction between friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers? From the genesis of Esports, sparked by a Burning Man experience and two years of play testing, Graticube®, a little game with a big heart, based on a true story, comes to life on November 11.

Perhaps the most exceptional high-touch tabletop game on the planet, Graticube® takes curiosity and gratitude on a journey from the player’s imagination into the heart of humankind. Graticube® utilizes time-space dice and a continuum of story cards with eight distinctive characters to deliver a special and unique result with every roll of the dice and every card drawn, delivering fun and interesting ways to connect that will never be the same twice. Each card also includes a QR Code portal to the Gratisphere™ to collect digital content, NFT’s and other one-of-a-kind merchandise.

The creators chose to add a November Kickstarter to the game launch, so people could preview what they believe will be the most gifted game of 2023. It will not only allow early adopters the chance to get one of the first 2,023 games before becoming widely available in March 2023, but will also provide a platform to “play it forward” by using the game to give the gift of Graticube® to schools, hospitals, churches, community centers, care homes or their favorite charitable organization.

“As a game, Graticube® plays perfectly in the space between fantasy and reality,” said co-creator Sam Sokol. “You have never played a game like it before. It lifts humanity and brings people together as we build out the Gratisphere™ on our way to becoming the most gifted game in the world.”

The creators, Sam Sokol and Terry Torok, with inspiration from Dr Deepak Chopra and friends, created a game with the key ingredients of curiosity, gratitude, deep listening and wild imagination. Graticube® is the first in what will be a series of game adaptations designed to elevate conversations, consciousness and human adventure.

What makes Graticube® unique is that it will grow in strength and impact as new editions are added to the series. Through planned partnerships with cultural icons and influencers like Deepak Chopra, Goldie Hawn, Mr. Beast Philanthropies and more, Graticube® will collaborate with iconic authors, influencers, and A-list artists globally to bring inspired works to life as games. The impact of collaborating with influencers and rebels with a cause will help advance global goals of charitable organizations.

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