Reveals 2023 Rankings of the Most Neighborly Cities in America

Madison, WI claims top honor this year amidst growing appreciation for neighborliness across America

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of National Neighbor Day,—the leading peer-to-peer storage marketplace—announces the results of its fourth annual “Most Neighborly Cities in America” ranking. Based on factors such as charitable donations, volunteer work, and crime, this year’s list reflects the core values of unity and neighborliness that make a city truly great.

Taking the first spot as the “Most Neighborly City in America” for 2023 is Madison, WI. Madison exemplifies strong community and neighborliness by consistently ranking high in volunteerism, and charity and low in crime.

“In these challenging times when Americans report increasing loneliness and division, recognizing America’s ‘Most Neighborly Cities’ is not just a celebratory act, but a call for unity and hope,” says Joseph Woodbury, Founder and CEO of Neighbor. ” Good neighbors heal our society’s biggest wounds, starting with the smallest friendly gesture. The real magic of community is the ability to uplift and magnify our impact. At Neighbor, we’re building a community of neighbors helping neighbors, and everyone’s invited.”

2023’s Ten Most Neighborly Cities in America

  1. Madison, WI
  2. Minneapolis, MN
  3. Colorado Springs, CO
  4. Sarasota, FL
  5. Rochester, NY
  6. Provo, UT
  7. Salt Lake City, UT
  8. Ogden, UT
  9. Raleigh, NC
  10. Richmond, VA

“We couldn’t be happier that Madison has earned the title of America’s most neighborly city. This recognition is a reflection of the warm, supportive and proactive community spirit that doesn’t just reside in Madison but is the heartbeat of all of Wisconsin,” said Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Anne Sayers. “This isn’t just an accolade; it’s a call to action for all Wisconsinites to continue fostering an environment where neighborliness and community cohesion are celebrated every day. And to everyone else, we extend an open invitation: come experience the neighborly spirit of Madison and see what makes our community—and our state—so special.”

Survey Highlights
Alongside announcing this year’s Most Neighborly Cities, Neighbor surveyed 1,000 Americans to understand ongoing societal challenges and essential characteristics of the best communities. Amid a barrage of disheartening news and a narrative that often depicts America as fractured, the survey reveals an uplifting truth: acts of kindness and community engagement are abundant, helping to strengthen and uplift communities across the country. Here’s what your neighbors are saying:

  • Neighbors are making lifelong connections: Not only do 92% of Americans know at least a few neighbors on a first-name basis, but 85% plan to stay in their current residence for the long term—plus, 45% say that it’s permanent!
  • Community events are strengthening local ties: 90% of Americans plan to participate in neighborhood events as much or more over the next year. The top two activities they value in the community are park gatherings with live music, games, or movies (46%) and block parties (29%).
  • Tough times call for great neighbors: The top ways Americans help neighbors include retrieving and safely storing mail while they are out of town (34%), assisting with yard work (31%), and even passing along family recipes (29%), but great neighbors are willing to do so much more! During tough times, Americans are even willing to help neighbors by assisting when they are recovering from an illness (64%) or a natural disaster (76%).

About Neighbor
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