Marshmallow Games Consolidates Its Presence in Schools With Wacebo Europe: Now the Smart Tales App Is Also Available on Interactive Whiteboards and Tables

The collaboration between the two companies aims to innovate teaching in preschools. Children will be able to use the educational app on large screens.

BARI, Italy, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marshmallow Games, a globally established edtech company with over 2 million downloads of its children’s apps, recently began a partnership with Wacebo Europe to innovate teaching in kindergartens.

If hundreds of teachers already offer the stories and games of Smart Tales – Marshmallow Games’ flagship app – in the classroom, thanks to the collaboration with Wacebo they will now be able to do it in an even more engaging way, using interactive whiteboards and tables. The partner company is in fact specialized in offering advanced technological solutions in schools.

With the ability to interact with large screens, it will be even more exciting for children to follow the adventures of the hilarious characters and practice STEM games.

Marshmallow Games, which recently secured an investment round of 2 million euros to affirm the presence of the Smart Tales app in the world of edutainment, thus continues its mission: to make digital technology a useful tool for learning.

Soon in thousands of Italian schools, teachers will be able to use Smart Tales on interactive whiteboards to propose an animated story or math and science activities. And not only this. Young learners will be able to use these interactive tables to experience creativity with games in music and art apps.

“We are constantly working to make Smart Tales a versatile product and adapt it to different formats,” says Cristina Angelillo, CEO and founder of Marshmallow Games. “The collaboration with Wacebo Europe allows us to realize our ambition to make it more usable in schools.”

“Our education technology company offers digital solutions for innovative learning. Enriching our products with educational content – such as Smart Tales stories and games – adds value to our vision. That is to offer not only hardware supports but a complete teaching experience,” comments Christian Fanizzi, CEO and founder of Wacebo Europe.

The next goal, in agreement with Wacebo Europe srl, is to enter the foreign market, thanks also to the availability of Smart Tales contents in 5 languages.

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