Magicians Around the World Making Thousands of Great Kids Appear

SALT LAKE CITY, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Over the last 12+ months, the pandemic has forced millions of children out of their classrooms, and in front of computer screens.

With reduced face-to-face interactions and a major decrease in opportunities for normal socialization, it is still unclear the impact that remote learning has had on our youth. Can it be undone? And if so, how?  

Enter Discover Magic, the one-of-a-kind kids program taking the states by storm.

"With the world slowly opening back up and summer camp season upon us, now is an essential time to begin reversing some of the effects of the last year and give our kids the fun experiences and practical tools that they need to become more confident and connected," says Discover Magic co-founder Brian South, "We’re thrilled to continue our mission to deliver on social-emotional learning just when kids need it most."

Social-emotional learning, or SEL, is a broad term for the process through which children build emotional intelligence, and is the backbone of Discover Magic’s curriculum. SEL teaches students to regulate their emotions, communicate with others, use compassion and empathy to understand the needs of other people, build relationships and make good decisions.

Studies show students who participated in SEL programs even saw an 11 percentile increase in their overall grades and better attendance.

"At the core, we intrinsically instill empathy in kids," South continues. "Our methods get them thinking quite literally about things from others’ perspective; what their audience can or can’t see really affects the magic. While a musician can play music and the listener can tune in and tune out and still enjoy it in parts – a good magician on the other hand, needs to keep their audience engaged from beginning to end. If they miss the part where you show the hat empty, the part where a bunny appears in the hat is not that spectacular."

Discover Magic’s emphasis on empathy does not, however, mean it skimps on the quality of the magic.

In fact, Discover Magic is the most premiere magic curriculum on the market, boasting a national network of over 100 magic instructors, four full-length "wand courses", single-day workshops and optional stand-alone tricks, and unique, high-quality custom props, materials, and online resources you won’t find in off-the-shelf magic kits.

While nailing the trick is of course a goal, it is not actually the main goal.

Discover Magic is focused on kids growing through magic, not growing kids into magicians, teaching kids to make fun for others not fun of others, and believes kids need to be in person and focused on making fun (the good kind) and getting back to doing what they do best – being great kids.

More happiness in our kids and more empathy in our world. It’s exactly what the world needs, especially now, and exactly why Discover Magic exists.

Want in on the magic? Find a class near you here online or contact the team here to bring Discover Magic to your community as a program partner.

About Discover Magic – Established in 2015, Discover Magic is a one-of-a-kind kids program created by educators and some of the top magicians of our time. In Discover Magic’s courses – now taught by over 100 magicians around the globe – kids learn to boost self-confidence, build communication skills, and make new friends in a fun and nurturing environment, all while learning custom tricks not found anywhere else. For more information, please visit

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