Karen’s to Finally Get Recognition They Deserve as Collectible Action Figures

WEST CHESTER, Pa., Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Namespace LLC is using Kickstarter to bring positive change and a playful humor to the collectible toy market with their 1:18th scale Karen and Joe the Manager figures.

Bringing together global expertise in product design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, the team’s Kickstarter campaign aims to transform the iconic and recognizable characters of the entitled Karen and overworked Joe the Manager into fun and inspiring collectible toys.

"We’re looking for fun even in uncertain times like these," said Matt Jacquot, Sales Manager at Namespace, "and with these two characters, we want to encourage positive change and even foster a little more tolerance."

The 3.75-inch action figures are based on the modern cultural phenomenon of the vocal, privileged Karen and her customer service counterpart, Joe the Manager. The funding campaign has begun today and will run for 30 days to secure the funding for production. Namespace has chosen this route to reduce customer risk and to introduce Karen and Joe to the largest possible audience.

With founding members from the US, UK, China, France, Spain and India, the team chose freelance Ukrainian designer and illustrator Denys Samboval to work on the project and help bring Karen and Joe to life.

"I take inspiration from the everyday," Denys said, "and we’ve all seen Karen’s or Joe’s in the news or in our daily lives, so this project was easy to relate to."

The company has already invested in the design and prototyping of the figures in preparing for market, and the Kickstarter campaign for Karen and Joe the Manager action figures is available here: https://kickstarter.com/projects/namespacetoys/karen-and-joe-the-manager-action-figures 

About Namespace

The global team at Namespace combines extensive product design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution experience with a dedication to finding fun in the unexpected. Their figures aim to lighten the collectible landscape and celebrate a playful, optimistic outlook.

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To find out more, contact Matt Jacquot, 342094@email4pr.com, (484) 809-4088

SOURCE Namespace LLC