Josh Aryeh, the CEO is Changing the World with Powerful Acts of Kindness

NEW YORK, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Apart from being the CEO and founder of Lions View Development, Josh Aryeh also devotes his time to charity work by visiting sick and underprivileged children. His non-profit organization, Smiles Through Cars, aims to brighten the lives of the youth by dressing up as Batman. To this day, he has visited over 25,000 children and seeks to impact the lives of 1 million people with his team of volunteers.

Josh had a fascination with exotic cars. He had the chance to drive luxury cars because his cousin was a member of an exotic car club. One day, a parent humbly requested him to give a girl with cancer a ride. After coordinating the surprise with her parents, he successfully pulled off his first act of kindness. This life-changing moment prompted him to start his mission to change the world one smile at a time.

Unfortunately, Josh’s sister died at 18. It was a devastating blow to the whole family, especially for Josh. Despite the tragic event, he never wavered and continued his vocation. He started a movement and encouraged men and women from across the country to volunteer and dress up as superheroes to serve kids in hospitals. “Their strength, courage, belief, and determination amaze me. I always tell people that kindness is something that everyone can afford to give.” In 2015, he partnered with the Triple Five Group. They use the American Dream Destination, The Mall of America, and the West Edmonton Mall in hosting private events for children with their families.

Aside from disguising as Batman, Josh also started focusing on bullying due to the increasing cases of bullied children and suicide. “I was a victim of bullying until the age of 16. I wanted to do something about it.” In 2019, he met Hersh and noticed that people were making fun of him. Without hesitation, Josh introduced himself and they connected. Soon, he discovered that Hersh was a victim of bullying and lived a tough life. Josh served as a beacon of hope for Hersh while overcoming his fears and doubts. With Josh’s help, Hersh now has a full-time job, gained more self-confidence, and is a volunteer for the anti-bullying division that Josh has added to his organization.

Kim Peterson

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