IVY’D Partners with Contra Costa County Independent Living Skills Program to Support Foster Youth College Preparation

MARTINEZ, Calif., Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — IVY’D, a renowned college admissions consulting service, just wrapped up a collaboration with the Contra Costa County Independent Living Skills Program to offer a series of free online workshops aimed at equipping foster youth with essential college preparation skills. This partnership underscores IVY’D’s commitment to providing at-risk youth with the resources necessary for academic and personal success.

The two-part workshop series took place on January 23rd and January 30th, from 4-5 pm. Tailored to the unique challenges foster youth face during their transition from high school to higher education, the first workshop covered effective study habits and post-secondary education options, while the second offered guidance on the financial aid application process, including how to complete FAFSA and CSS Profile forms.

Michelle Lee, the spokesperson for IVY’D, highlighted the initiative’s significance, saying, “We understand the difficulties foster youth encounter in pursuing higher education. By partnering with the Contra Costa County Independent Living Skills Program, we provided these young individuals with the necessary tools to succeed in college and beyond.”

IVY’D specializes in mentoring students through the college admissions process, with services such as SAT/ACT preparation, resume building, and college essay writing. Their work with local students and high schools has built a solid reputation for community-based educational support.

The completed workshops were part of IVY’D’s ongoing mission to serve the community and represented a volunteer effort to broaden their impact. Participants gained insights on various topics, which have been integral to previous sessions, such as navigating the Common App, understanding financial aid, crafting essays, selecting the right college, and developing study strategies for long-term success. With these workshops now concluded, IVY’D hopes to hold many more in the weeks that follow.

IVY’D workshops are open to the public and are often held online to make them more accessible to the communities it serves. By joining forces with parents, teachers and students, IVY’D is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of the youth, empowering them to reach for their collegiate aspirations with confidence.

For more information about future workshops or other support provided by IVY’D, please contact Michelle at (323) 351-7712.

About IVY’D: IVY’D is a prestigious college prep program, dedicated to equipping students with the academic excellence and intellectual prowess required for admission to the nation’s most coveted universities. Through personalized tutoring, strategic test preparation, and comprehensive admissions counseling, IVY’D has empowered a generation of students to achieve their dreams.

Michelle Lee
Director of Community Relations
IVY’D College Prep Program
Phone: (707) 232-5269

Website: ivyd.com