Introducing ParentCubby: The First Video Messaging Platform Uniting Parents and Their Children After Divorce

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Roughly half of American children will experience their parents’ divorce. As the children alternate between two households, they are always apart from one of their parents. While most arrangements set scheduled times for conversations, they offer no solution for spontaneous sharing and connection.

ParentCubby is proud to announce the launch of a video messaging platform that allows parents and children to stay present in each other’s lives between visits. In stark contrast to traditional social media, which is designed to grow a network of casual connections, ParentCubby builds and maintains a strong relationship between a parent and their child in a fun and secure environment. Using video messages, parents and children experience the closeness of face-to-face connection without having to be online at the same time, and without coordination.

“At its core, ParentCubby is about making sure your kids feel that you are always there for them” said Noam Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of ParentCubby.

ParentCubby’s features include:

  • Video walkie-talkie. ParentCubby allows parents and children to effortlessly send and receive videos when they’re apart. These freeform conversations allow face-to-face connection with no coordination required.
  • Private and secure. Your messages are private and secure. In addition, ParentCubby has no ads and does not sell personal information.
  • Playful and fun. Use a fun face filter or come as you are. ParentCubby’s playfulness encourages children’s natural engagement style.

“ParentCubby is a labor of love, driven by the desire to help parents and children connect in a meaningful way,” said Elazar Katz, Co-Founder, “We invite parents to download the app, with the sincere hope that it brings many years of meaningful memories.”

ParentCubby is now available on the Apple App Store and will be available on Android shortly. For more information about ParentCubby and to download the app, visit

About ParentCubby:

ParentCubby was founded by Elazar and Noam Katz, a father and son duo, who teamed up to strengthen family bonds after experiencing first-hand the challenges of divorce and separation. The company is a pioneer in the Family Technology space, delivering innovative solutions that strengthen family relationships.

For media inquiries:
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SOURCE ParentCubby, Inc.