How One Small Businesses Found a Way to Thrive in the COVID-19 Pandemic

FULLERTON, Calif., Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Toyz N Fun, a small collectible toys shop based in Fullerton, California, has found the winning formula for thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. While continuing to offer the personalized customer experience, Toyz N Fun has expanded outside the brick-and-mortar shop to e-commerce as well — bringing the company’s unique brand nationwide while keeping the small store customer service feel intact.

"Toyz N Fun makes every effort to engage with the community and respond back to our customers in a timely manner. During coronavirus shut down this seemed to be the biggest problem with big business," Nicole Zuniga, Toyz N Fun owner, said "We wanted to make sure our customers’ voices were heard through the use of social media. We were able to accomplish that."

Saturday at 6 PM (PST), The Hocus Pocus bag will go on pre-sale to kick off the series of Loungefly releases available only through Toyz N Fun in the United States. The series of exclusive mini-backpacks will also include licensed Disney designs which are heavily guarded secrets until launched. Only a few hints will be revealed a few days before launch on their ever-expanding Instagram.

Keeping up the trend of giving her loyal customers what they want, Toyz N Fun announced today the release of a new, exclusive Loungefly bag, featuring characters from the 1993 Disney classic Hocus Pocus. With many of the store’s following being diehard Disney fans, Toyz N Fun is rolling out several exclusive Disney mini-bags designed in collaboration with Loungefly in the coming months.

"Products often sell out minutes after they are released," Zuniga said. "So it’s important to follow product launches to have a chance to get this bag. We’re happy people love the same things we do, and we get to share this fun collecting experience with them."

Since the coronavirus crisis began in early 2020, limited-time collectibles such as these have become hot commodities, with the most prominent change being the spike in e-commerce shopping in consumer spending habits and impactful social media trends.

Along with Loungefly bags, other popular items for sale such as Pokemon products and Funko products has allowed Toyz N Fun to survive the impact the pandemic has had on many businesses. Company growth continues with the launch of new, highly sought-after collectable items.

The first exclusive Toyz N Fun Loungefly bag launches Saturday for Pre-Sale in the U.S.

"We will keep offering beautiful new designs this year and many more years to come. The expansion of e-commerce has been huge for our business during the pandemic, and was essential for keeping our small business going," Zuniga says. "We’ve had to pivot quite a lot to adapt to the new shape of the market."

Toyz N Fun aims to continue expanding its exclusive offerings for not only Loungefly bags, but other products as well in the future. Pre-order options, a large variety of collectibles, and limited-edition products all give Toyz N Fun a competitive edge in the toy collectible marketplace.

About Toyz N Fun

Toyz N Fun is in Fullerton, CA with both a storefront and an online store. They have formed unique partnerships with collectible toy wholesalers so as to provide their customers with affordable, unique Loungefly bags, Neca, Pokemon toys, Funko’s, and much more.

Nicole Zuniga, Owner



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