Family Choice Award-Winning New Book Helps Children with the Jitters of Separation

Author Annette Rivlin-­Gutman addresses how children may feel when first going to daycare, school, a play date, or when a parent has to leave for work

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For any child who feels anxious or sad when a parent or guardian must temporarily leave them, this charming picture book, Wally Wants to Cuddle, helps children cope with the feelings and challenges of separation by showing them that connecting with friends can add to their day, too. Annette Rivlin­-Gutman’s third book provides a positive and uplifting message, giving readers the sense that though they may miss their loved ones when they leave, they can find their own unique ways to fill their day with adventure. For ages 2-6.

Wally sees his friend, Olive, the Baboon, playing in a water hole. “Hi Olive, will you cuddle with me?” “I don’t usually cuddle with an elephant, Olive replied. Do you want to play in the water hole with me instead?” Wally joins Olive in the water hole. He realizes that splashing and giggling with Olive is also lots of fun.

As the reader relates to Wally’s feelings, the book’s beautiful illustrations convey its essence in a compassionate manner. Rivlin-Gutman hopes her writing will also serve as a resource for adults working with children.

Aisha Washington, Supervising Librarian with the San Mateo, CA Public Library says, Wally Wants to Cuddle is a wonderful story that teaches the value of appreciating life in the moment, enjoying time with friends, and knowing that a parent’s love does not go away during a busy day; it’s still there when we go back home.”

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Annette Rivlin-Gutman is an award-winning author, trauma-informed yoga teacher, and loving Mama to two human children and two fur babies. Wally Wants to Cuddle was inspired by her 80-pound Labrador Retriever, Wally, whose favorite thing to do is cuddle in her lap. Annette drew upon her professional and personal experiences to write her children’s books, Mommy Has to Stay in Bed, Just Breathe, and now, Wally Wants to Cuddle. Annette is also a former special educator and seasoned video producer with a background in children’s programming, including work with PBS, Mister Rogers, and “Sesame Street.”

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