Especially for Kids, a Face Mask Is Not an Accessory

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — We know kids want to look cute and cool, but ineffective Kids cloth masks, for use in enclosed spaces where social distancing is virtually impossible, makes it critical to use the safest mask available as schools reopen.

Nano Air Mask introduces PURE-MSK Nanofiber masks in Kids size, constructed from the same highly efficient nanofiber materials as the Adult masks. PURE-MSK Kids mask delivers the perfect combination of filtration efficiency, breathability and comfort. Made in America, PURE-MSK filters more than 95% of airborne particles and contaminants down to 0.3 microns, including aerosol droplets, bacteria, allergens, mold and pollutants, and ultrafine dust. The masks are lighter than a sheet of paper, so that your kids feel comfortable and cool all day.

Co-founded by two entrepreneurs, and parents of young kids, who teamed up to offer a better face mask than what was available on the market, the PURE-MSK Nanofiber mask is one of the best performance masks available for the general public.

A recent study by Dr. Manhar Dhanak, Chair of the Engineering Department at Florida Atlantic University regarding the efficacy of different masks, compared the Nano Air Mask to the top #1 online selling mask and a new cloth mask. Dr. Dhanak states that the test results show that the Nano Air Mask performs better than the cloth masks tested and as well as an N95 mask in terms of filtration of aerosolized droplets but is much lighter and more comfortable to wear. See Video Test Here

“The construction, design and material of the PURE-MSK Nanofiber mask for Kids are identical to that used for the Adult size,” Jonathan Malveaux, Co-Founder says, “I have 2 girls (4 and 7) and while many of the cloth options are cute, we trust the superior protection of the PURE-MSK Nanofiber mask and we appreciate the fact that the kids don’t have to touch or adjust it much because of the design. Who doesn’t want their children and all children to be as protected as possible?”

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