Dr. Doug’s Gifts Are the Perfect “Thank You” for Mother’s Day

The Wellness Brand’s Topicals Can Help Both Brand New and Veteran Moms Alike Rest and Relax This May

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Doug’s Balms are created with three goals in mind: to help protect, heal, and restore the skin. All three of these objectives are highly applicable to a mothering lifestyle. Whether they’re caring for their children or trying to tap into a little R&R themselves, there are many reasons for a mother to have a good skincare solution on hand at any given moment.

What sets Dr. Doug’s products apart as an elite skincare choice for so many mothers is the fact that all of the brand’s formulas are natural, safe, and effective. "Dr. Doug" Strobel himself spoke to the elite nature of his products by pointing out some recent feedback he had received. "We got a review," Strobel explained, "that said ‘I love using products where you actually recognize the ingredients.’ That trust, right there, sums up everything we do. If you can’t read the label — especially when you’re putting something on your skin — how are you supposed to feel safe? We never add strange ingredients. Our formulas are made with organic, natural, and simple stuff. Everything in there has a purpose. If it doesn’t, out it goes."

Along with clean ingredients, Dr. Doug’s products are also tailored to address different needs. For instance, the brand’s original Miracle Balm formula has been expanded to include organic Arnica Montana and magnesium chloride in the form of its "Recovery Balm." Together, these can help reduce swelling, heal sore muscles, and address recurring concerns such as muscle cramps and restless leg, all of which are common ailments for an active mother.

In addition, the brand has multiple products that mothers can use to confidently help the children in their care. For example, its Bug Potion repels bothersome insects using the tried and true natural ingredient Lemongrass in its essential oil form. Dr. Doug’s Miracle Balm + Clear Zinc is also an excellent option for scrapes and cuts.

Whether they’re looking for a way to restore their own skin or care for their children’s epidermises, mothers have been using Dr. Doug’s Balms products to improve their lives for years. The combination of quality and efficacy (not to mention the brand’s pre-selected, Mom-focused gift section) make them a great option for mom at any time of the year, including the most important one of them all: Mother’s Day.

About Dr. Doug’s Balms: "Dr. Doug" Strobel and Natalie Gardner co-founded Dr. Doug’s Balms in Carmel, Indiana in 2016 after finding smashing success with their original "Miracle Balm" solution. The brand’s growing line of skincare products continues to wow customers as it faithfully delivers on its promise to "protect, heal, and restore." Learn more about the company’s growing collection of skincare products at drdougsbalms.com.

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