Derek Mckee Launches Curated Magic Set

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Curated by Derek McKee, prodigy and past Las Vegas Strip performer who started with his own Lance Burton magic set, debuts his own brand of limited-edition magic set, Magic Box™, by Derek McKee. This curated collection of beginner tricks is easy to learn and fun to perform, serving as the perfect introduction to young magicians discovering their magic powers for the very first time. Each set includes a membership card to an online video library with access to learn over 100 tricks.

One box at a time, McKee, will perform his greatest trick yet, making the world a better place. Not only does Magic Box™ teach the fundamentals of magic, but it builds confidence in the process. Presentation and public speaking, creative problem solving, self-discipline and fine motor skills are a few of the many benefits offered by practicing magic, which remain essential qualities for everybody to develop.

"As a child who struggled to connect with others in school or athletics, the pursuit of magic gave me the voice I needed," said Derek McKee, founder of Magic Box™.

Each Magic Box™ contains a beautifully laid out arsenal of tools including cups and balls, coin slide, ball and vase and more. The set also includes a membership card granting access to a digital classroom with an online video library where aspiring magicians will learn more than 100 tricks firsthand from Derek McKee.

Dedicated to the city he calls home, Magic Box™ has teamed up with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to spark magic in the next generation. For every set purchased, Magic Box™ will donate a set to an LAUSD student in hope of inciting passion for tomorrow’s magicians.

Magic Box ™ is available for presale now with guaranteed delivery by December 15, 2021 on

About Magic Box™

Founded by magician, Derek McKee, Magic Box™ is an aspiring magician’s source for learning the art of illusion. With the hopes of making magic accessible for audiences big and small, Magic Box™ provides a digital masterclass of tricks along with a perfectly curated set of tools for aspiring magicians of all ages. For more information, please visit

About Derek McKee

Derek McKee is a prodigy magician turned entrepreneur who began learning magic using a Lance Burton magic set with whom he later traveled with to promote a documentary of the world’s greatest teen magicians. McKee went on to perform in over 3,000 shows worldwide. McKee is the creator of the most valuable modern deck of cards in the world. Now, McKee hopes to inspire the next generation of magicians with Magic Box™.

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