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IRVINE, Calif., June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Daddy Boot Camp, which since 1990 has helped 500,000 new dads get their best start, is now online and is offering advice to moms-to-be. Since mom is key to a new dad’s success, Daddy Boot Camp’s Dear Moms-To-Be, How to Get a Great Dad and Partner, Love Dads will help mom get her best start with dad. This dad’s advice to moms is a first.

Dear Moms-To-Be:
A small investment in Dad before your baby arrives will make life as Mom better for you. He will get a better start and reach a higher trajectory as Dad, so life will be better for your baby and Dad too.

You can ensure your partner is prepared to handle the challenges new dads face, including a big one – you – the new mom in his life. Understanding and supporting Mom is a major focus of Daddy Boot Camp, one reason moms-to-be have signed up most of the 500,000 dads-to-be who have participated. They are happy they did, and Dad is too.

While as a new mother, you have endless sources of information (the healthcare system, mom bloggers, websites, videos, books, magazines, your mom, mom friends, etc.), you will find little on new dads. We dads are not only the experts; we also love moms and are in it together for the long run.

Dear Moms-To-Be, How to Get A Great Dad & Partner, Love Dads, a free email series, gives you the basics on new dads, what he’s going through, and how you can help him thrive. Our daily email with a dose of dad for a week includes:

  • What’s on His Mind?
  • The Force Is Within Him
  • How He Will Transform into Dad
  • You Will Biologically Dump Him
  • To Boost Your Baby’s Brain, Let Dad Be Dad
  • Open the Gate Wide
  • You Have Lots of Support, Dad Has You

Daddy Boot Camp will take it from there. Three hours with new dads and their babies (no women over 2allowed) gives him a powerful experience in the life of a dad. It will boost his confidence and he will leave feeling "I can do this."

We also offer dads-to-be an extraordinary e-guide Welcome to Fatherhood (WTF) that gives him everything he needs to know. He also gets a dad tribe with other dads weighing in on his questions and concerns. We’ve got his back.

The e-guide includes tools that help dads and moms-to-be get on the same page and avoid the common pitfalls of new parents – like a damaged relationship. Amazing things happen when Mom and Dad are a team when their baby arrives. This is a great way to start a new family.
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