Launches Its Children’s Educational Website; Provides Free Interactive Offerings to Celebrate Earth Day

LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In time for Earth Day, April 20, Cool the Climate, producer of educational and entertaining children’s digital games, comic books and videos about climate change, today announced its formal launch of free offerings for children, parents and K-to-6 schools. Home schoolers, educators, parents, and grandparents alike will be delighted to have fresh, fun content for kids that inspire and teach.

With a 30 min. movie presented by Unicef and The World’s Largest Lesson,’s founder and CEO Denis Thomopoulos, a career cartoonist, is offering several downloadable products for free now through April 20. Targeted to children age 4 through 12, they teach the hottest topic of the 21st century, climate change, and include:

Its new 30-minute movie, “Cool The Climate!” is presented by Unicef with the UN’s Global Goal of Climate Action, to awaken kids on the climate issue in a way that’s simple, comprehensive, and inspirational.

A  cartoonlet video collection, “It’s Jungle Out There!”, originally broadcast on National Geographic Kids, is now available on Amazon Prime. It’s a 15-minute collection of cartoonlets 30 seconds to two minutes long and available free to Prime members.

Comic Books
Three free-to-download comic books brought to you by Unicef, The World’s Largest Lesson, and PCI Media. Two focus on climate action and one focuses on health and wellbeing. With titles such as “Simon Says Save the Climate,” and “Kids Fight Smog,” these are fun, well researched and instructive.

Games that Save Square Feet of Jungle is offering its proprietary collection of interactive digital games, such as “Climate Animals” and “Jungle Jigsaw” that actually save jungles via points earned.

Homeschooling to the Rescue
Commenting on his company’s new spring offering, Mr. Thomopoulos said, “We’re giving kids, parents and teachers the fun tools and resources to help cool the climate. Even our website is carbon negative.

“With most schools still locked down, parents know keeping a child at home, indoors, happily engaged in computer-based learning programs for more than a couple hours a day is a myth. The most effective programs are fun.

“That is what Cool the Climate is all about,” he added. “Not merely authentic education about climate change, but with an emphasis on what children themselves can do to reverse climate change such as composting, tree planting and much more. With all cartoon content professionally developed, the site blends real life photos from NASA showing before and after effects of climate change on our Earth.”

Founded by CEO Denis Thomopoulos, expertly produces digitally downloadable comic books, games and videos that entertain and educate children ages 4 through 12 about climate change and what they themselves can do about it. Thomopoulos has produced content in collaboration with Unicef, National Geographic Kids and several other major organizations. Most content is available free now through Earth Day, April 20, 2021.

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