Coming Soon: Whimsifull Creates Unique and Innovative Read-Along Animated Videos Where Your Child is the Star

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Now your child can star in their own read-along animated videos thanks to the launch of a new technology company, Whimsifull, (, offering a unique and innovative entertaining and educational experience.

Imagine a short Pixar-like movie — approximately five to six minutes long — with your child as the main character.

The Los Angeles-based company, co-founded by an entrepreneur and mother, creates fun animated videos featuring uplifting original stories for children (ages two to seven) packed with positive life lessons and confidence-boosting morals, stimulating memory recall, word recognition, and enhancing imaginative play.

Whimsifull is easy and fun to set up on the company’s website. Parents and children will be able to customize the main character. This includes naming the child’s character and then selecting specific features such as gender, skin tone, hairstyle and color, eye color, and additional characteristics — if they wear glasses or have freckles, etc. Then the parent can select which set of videos they want and shortly receives a set of read-along animated videos featuring their child. All videos can be downloaded to any device and customers retain ownership forever.

“We are revolutionizing screen time through the first of its kind, read-along personalized animated video technology,” said Natalie Karpes, co-founder of Whimsifull. “We give children a fun way to see themselves come to life in their very own set of animated videos. Parents have always been looking for a way to ensure screen time is a more enriching experience. This solves that problem. We offer edutainment at its best, allowing children to engage with technology in a meaningful way. One that stimulates the imagination, boosts word recognition, and promotes early literacy, in a manner that is relatable and exciting to your child.”

Benefits and features of Whimsifull include:

  • Each video is personalized and features your child as the main character. Children can see and hear their names incorporated into the video stories.
  • Because the videos are accompanied by words, they enhance early literacy skills, making the product educational as well as fun and entertaining.
  • A unique experience for children.
  • Beautifully designed and wonderfully narrated animated stories.
  • Extremely affordable, and as a digital product, it can be sent to anyone, anywhere.
  • Durable — Videos last forever and require no maintenance.
  • Accessible and easy to use on any smart device that allows you to store and watch videos, including phones and tablets. Video lives on the user’s device. All of the company’s videos are available for download so you can keep them and share them as you please.
  • Videos are fun and entertaining, enhance imaginative play, while being educational and immersive featuring inspiring stories promoting confidence-boosting morals.

Whimsifull is launching a Kickstarter campaign, (, to spread awareness about its animated videos among parents, children, and the investment community.

Based in Los Angeles, Whimsifull creates unique, innovative, entertaining, and educational read-along animated videos with your child as the main character. Co-founded by an entrepreneur and mother, the company’s animated videos feature fun, original uplifting stories for children (ages two to seven) highlighted with positive life lessons and confidence-boosting morals, stimulating memory recall, word recognition, and boosting imaginative play. For more information, visit the company’s website or Kickstarter campaign.

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