Children’s Book Author Shares 6 Ways Parents Can Make This School Year a Success

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Many people thought social distancing and wearing face masks would be over by the time kids went back to school. But COVID-19 is far from over. How can parents who had no intention of (or experience) being home-school teachers make the most of this year?

Jean Alfieri, author of Zuggy the Rescue Pug, offers six ways to make this school term a success. With many schools requiring both in-person and at-home learning, Jean suggests parents follow these steps:

No. 1: Stay positive. You care more about your child’s education than anyone. This makes you uniquely qualified to ensure they are learning, growing, and making the most of this school year. Your kids will likely embrace your attitude so let them know this is unusual but okay.

No. 2: Make it fun. Happy learners are more engaged. The more interactive a lesson can be the easier it will be recalled and the longer it will be retained. Get outside while the weather is still nice and do a lesson or two in the shade of a tree.

No. 3: Use your resources. There are plenty if you know where to look. Stay in close contact with your child’s teacher. Think about subject matter experts from your family. Let them know how and when they can pitch in with phone or Zoom calls to discuss relevant topics.

No. 4: Plan your day. A routine and a posted agenda are good for kids and grown-ups. An agenda will help to ensure the necessary lessons are covered. Besides, everyone wants to know when to expect a stretch-break and when to look forward to lunchtime!

No. 5: Don’t forget the arts. Many schools have cut out art, music and gym classes, but they are important to a child’s creative brain. Think about ways to add movement, drawing, painting and other creative pursuits to the school day. Also, google a favorite author or two and see if they offer virtual visits.

No. 6: Allow yourself some grace. Most likely you are doing a great job in a role you weren’t formally trained to perform. A great benefit of lessons from home is that you will be staying better connected with how and what your children are learning this year. It’s okay for you to have fun with it too!

About Jean Alfieri

Jean Alfieri is an author, speaker, and rescue dog advocate. She worked for almost 30 years in human resources and organizational development in public and private industries. A nomad at heart, she currently lives with her husband and fur family in Colorado Springs. In addition to the Zuggy the Rescue Pug children’s books, she created Blessed to be Me: Celebrate the Stories of Your Life. The self-guided journal offers over a dozen major and minor prompts, inspiring quotes, and coloring pages that make storytelling fun and easy. She loves to volunteer at her local Humane Society, where she meets great characters for her books, and some nice people too! “Rescued” is her favorite breed.

Contact: Jean Alfieri, (602) 397-1344;

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