Back to School…Also Means Getting Back to Bed on Time

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Whether kids are going back to school, participating in a hybrid schedule, distance-learning or just dealing with lots of free time spent at home… they are probably spending way too much time on laptops and devices. This increased amount of screen time is dramatically affecting kids’ sleep as well as their daytime productivity. It’s more important now than ever to develop consistent routines for kids that lead up to bedtime.  

Swannies performance blue light blocking glasses from Swanwick may just be the answer! Utilizing a science-based technology, Swannies has been proven to help block the harmful effects of blue light for children and adults. The Kids Day Swannies help block out the harmful blue light from increased screen time during the day while the Kids Night Swannies are the answer to getting a successful sleep schedule together for your kids!

Night Swannies proprietary amber lenses counteract screen time, filtering the blue light from electronic sources that disrupts the circadian rhythm and inhibits the release of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep-promoting hormone. When worn a few hours prior to bedtime, Night Swannies glasses are scientifically proven to help wearers get to sleep faster, sleep longer and wake up feeling more refreshed — which is something both kids and parents need as they start this extremely irregular school year. As kids go back-to-school, Swannies performance blue light blocking glasses can help them prepare for the challenges of their new daily routines with a good night’s sleep and enhanced daytime performance.

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