Authors Mark and Susan Kibbe Bring the Fun of Halloween all Year Round with Their New children’s book, The Monster Hotel

WOODBURY, N.J., Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Husband and wife authors Mark and Susan Kibbe are proud to announce the launch of their first book, The Monster Hotel. Aimed at children between 4 and 8 years of age, this fun take on the legendary monsters of Halloween, describing the hotel they all check into to get away from things.

Although first time authors, Mark has loved writing throughout life, while Susan is a teacher who knows what keeps children engaged and entertained. Illustrations have been provided by friend and talented artist Lianna Witherspoon, creating a whimsical style that fits the text perfectly.

The story recounts life at The Monster hotel, a place where monsters of all kinds love to go for their well-earned vacations. Describing a world where cobwebs are used as curtains and every room smells like “gym socks after day 93,” this fun story will delight children, providing laughs and enjoyment throughout.

Reviewers have loved the early copies of the book, praised for both the fun, rhyming text that helps children remember and learn, to the fantastic illustrations that bring the monster hotel to life. One reviewer noted “A good read anytime of the year, but I’m especially looking forward to sharing with my teachers for Halloween. This book will be great in the classroom for a read-aloud and could spur some interesting discussions about the characters – and really help young kids develop their imagination.”

Another noted that it is “The perfect mixture of fun and spooky for the Halloween season,” adding that it is great all year round too.

The authors decided to self-publish their first book, and it is available now from Amazon, with excellent reviews both there and at Goodreads. If you would like more information about the book or the authors, you can contact Mark and Susan Kibbe at (856) 981-3945 or via email at

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