Author Plans to Offer New Children’s Book Ellery’s Magic Bicycle for Free on ‘World Bicycle Day’

Touching picture book details remarkable childhood bond between a little girl and her magic bicycle.

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for World Bicycle Day on Friday, June 3rd, author Maria Monte is thrilled to announce the launch of her latest book, Ellery’s Magic Bicycle, a touching, poignant, and whimsical journey inspired by the authors own childhood adventures.

The heartfelt story follows Ellery and her magic bicycle as they share many new experiences together on Ellerys quest to find adventure, love, and friendship and the sorrow and loss she must weather along the way.

The book is perfect for children ages four to seven and fans of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, one of Montes favourite books growing up and the inspiration behind her second picture book, Ellerys Magic Bicycle.

"Both books depict a special relationship between a child and an object. But Ellerys Magic Bicycle is also a reworking of a story I wrote years ago as part of a high school assignment," she explained. "When I submitted the assignment, I had no idea that the next day my English teacher would give a copy of it to all my classmates and, in class, hold her copy aloft and say, ‘Now this is how you write a story!’ I was insecure about my budding creative writing skills, and my teachers pronouncement was a welcome boost to my confidence."

Monte said this unexpected praise and support from her teacher, classmates, and parents helped her bloom into the writer she is today. 

"The story Id written for my high school assignment had a similar bleak ending to The Giving Tree. Years later, I had a yearning to rework my assignment into a picture book. It was also a chance to rectify that sad ending. I wanted Ellerys Magic Bicycle to be as heartfelt as The Giving Tree but with a life-affirming finish," she said.

The story of Ellerys Magic Bicycle is aglow with hope, joy, sorrow, love, and redemption. 

In honour of World Bicycle Day and Montes love of her childhood bicycle, the eBook Ellerys Magic Bicycle will be free on Amazon on June 3rd and 4th. The theme of World Bicycle Day is to appreciate the bicycle’s uniqueness, longevity, and diversity—themes also lovingly woven into the book’s narrative.

About Maria Monte

Maria Monte writes beautifully sweet, heart-warming, and fun stories that teach children great values, such as kindness and love. Her spare time is divided between family, caring for her young son, and writing childrens books. A native of Melbourne, Australia, Maria enjoys mochas, watching comedies, and losing herself in wiki rabbit holes. For more information on Monte and her books, visit

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