Author Laura Linn Knight Releases New Book to Help Parents Break Free From Reactive Parenting

PEORIA, Ariz., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In her new book, Break Free From Reactive Parenting, author Laura Linn Knight provides parents with the tools they need to overcome their own reactive tendencies and instead become more mindful, responsive parents.

Drawing on her personal experience as well as the latest research in developmental psychology, Knight provides a step-by-step guide for creating a more peaceful home environment and raising emotionally healthy children.

"Most of us want what’s best for our kids, but all too often we get caught up in our own reactions and lose sight of what’s really important," says Knight. "This book will show you how to break free from those reactive patterns and instead parent from a place of mindfulness and love."

For those who struggle with yelling, bribing, or even passive parenting that creates more problems instead of solutions, Break Free From Reactive Parenting is for you. This book addresses common issues surrounding parenting and offers effective solutions and strategies that encourage the whole family. After reading this book, your family will be able to set aside the stress, confusion, and guilt that comes from unproductive and inefficient parenting patterns and instead embrace self-regulation habits, mindfulness, and practical routines that lead to a more joyful and peaceful home.

The book is already drawing attention from its practical insights:

"Dear frustrated parents, this book is really good medicine. It has wisdom and humor and honesty that will help, calming your heart and inspiring your best parenting," says Jack Kornfield, PhD, author of A Path With Heart.

"At last, a parenting book with practical, pragmatic, and proactive strategies that we can actually use and that actually work! Thank you, Laura Linn Knight, for creating this beautiful guide that allows us to be the parents we always wanted to be," states Christopher Willard, author of Growing Up Mindful and Alphabreaths.

Break Free From Reactive Parenting is geared towards parents who find themselves yelling, coercing, or even begging their kids to behave. It’s for parents who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated over the daily temper tantrums thrown by their children. Lastly, it’s for parents who are at the end of their rope and need to turn things around before they hit rock bottom. And, it is for parents that just need more support and tools (your house doesn’t have to feel like it is falling apart to benefit from these tools). This book will help  all families create more calm and bring more joy to their home.

Knight’s book offers the answers you’ve been looking for. Break Free From Reactive Parenting will help you understand the why behind your child’s meltdowns, access tools to bring lasting and positive change into your home, and learn how to involve the whole family in bringing a peaceful balance back into your home.

Break Free From Reactive Parenting is available for pre-order on Amazon and Simon and Schuster. Pre-order your copy today!

About the Author
Laura Linn Knight is a former elementary school teacher, a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher, author, and parenting educator who helps parents and families improve their home environment by offering practical tools for the entire family to implement and practice. Knight’s work is devoted to empowering parents, caregivers, and children with the tools they need to live a joyful, balanced life. As a mother of two, Knight will help you build confidence in your parenting and foster a more calm environment in your home. To learn more about Laura Linn Knight, visit her website at today.

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