An Adorable Pet Bunny Gets a New Home and a New Life, and Her Fun Adventures Begin!

MIAMI, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mashmi is an adorable three-year-old bunny who is a little nervous about getting a new owner, Pia. When she lived in a cage, she knew what to expect each day. Will she like her new home? Simply and artfully written by D.J. Golden in pleasant rhyme and featuring incredible photographs, I Am Mashmi will bring joy to young children and families.

When Mashmi learns she must leave her former owner, she wonders about the new and strange place where she will now live. Then she learns she will no longer live in the cage in which she has spent her entire life; she can now roam free. All these changes are a lot to process for a young, sheltered bunny, requiring her to make a lot of decisions and adjustments. Freedom is exciting – but it’s scary too!

Where will I sleep? Where will I poop?
Will it be safe for me outside?
Does she have dogs who will chase me?
Are there many places to hide?

Young children will delight in Mashmi’s bunny antics as she naps under the bed, climbs onto chairs, and smells for food with her sweet pink nose. But Mashmi soon learns she cannot do everything she wants even though she’s "free"; freedom has its limits.

A lilting rhyme with a soothing text provides the perfect read-aloud for families and educators of young children. In these inflationary times, this book is an affordable holiday gift that keeps on giving, as children will enjoy looking at each charming bunny photo again and again. I Am Mashmi is available now online at and bookstores (through IngramSpark).

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