All It Takes to Heal the World Is a Little Kindness – Award Winning Social Sharing App Now Comes With Important Message in New Illustrated Book: ‘The Christmas Tree That Changed the World’

AURORA, ON, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Christmas Tree of Kindness Team happily announced the release of their new hardcover family book just in time for the upcoming holiday season. The story introduces a young evergreen tree named Spruce and puppy friend Holly, who both embark on an adventure and start a new North Pole tradition by adding ornaments to Spruce’s branches upon completing kind acts. Paired perfectly with the popular kindness-spreading app, the new book can be used to start a whole new family tradition.

“The Christmas Tree That Changed the World” storybook is available via the company’s website,, with a portion of all profits donated to World Vision®. The Christmas Tree of Kindness app is available from the App Store, including app activity, story text, and a printable craft.

“The Christmas Tree That Changed the World” – A New Story of Joy

“There once was a young evergreen tree named Spruce and a spotted puppy named Holly. They were happy and kind and were great friends. They lived in Christmastown at the North Pole. Spruce and Holly’s favorite thing to do was to feel the warmth of the sunshine and talk about important things.

“‘Christmas is coming soon,’ said Spruce. ‘How can we decorate my branches in a special way?’

“Holly thought about special things and replied, ‘What if we place an ornament on a branch after one of us does a kind act?

“Spruce was very excited about this idea but paused and said, ‘That is a lot of kind acts. Do you think we can do it…?'”

The Christmas Tree of Kindness – A New Family Tradition

“When our children were little, we began this special activity each Christmas Season with a construction paper tree and balls,” said Beth Dessen Duffy, President of Christmas Tree of Kindness, Inc. “Every year, someone would encourage us to share this idea with others. After sixteen years, we decided that was the year to move forward, and this app, craft and illustrated storybook are the results. It has truly been a team effort and we all hope this Christmas activity will be shared and enjoyed and that everyone will decorate their own “CHRISTMAS TREE THAT CHANGED THE WORLD.”

It is easy to start a memorable tradition for the holiday season with a fun activity that teaches kindness by helping players to practice it – earning ornaments along the way. The family activities can include:

  • Reading the Story: Share the tale of Holly and Spruce, learning how the first Christmas Tree of Kindness was created.
  • Using the App: Decorate the virtual tree with kind act ornaments and invite friends and family to help. Once the tree is completed, everyone receives a tree topper star and a burst of special Christmas music!
  • Sharing a Craft Activity: Print a fun activity tree and ornaments that the whole family can decorate as each kind act is completed.
  • Always Remember: ‘Kindness is something we all have to give. You can join Spruce and Holly wherever you live. You can follow this link ( to start your own tree and fill up its branches by acting kindly!’

A great countdown-to-Christmas activity, the app was named the top Advent app in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. It has been featured in,,,, and The Catholic Register.

Explore the Christmas Tree of Kindness in detail by viewing the demo video. Experience the healing joy of kindness throughout the holiday season by following Christmas Tree of Kindness on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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