A Teenage Girl in Auschwitz: Basha Freilich and the Will to Live

A True Story That Inspires Strength and Determination In Modern Teens Today

Acclaimed Author Douglas Wellman’s New Book is Titled A Teenage Girl in Auschwitz: Basha Freilich and the Will to Live Now Available at Amazon and in Bookstores Nationwide

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Douglas Wellman is a World War II historian who discovered the story of Basha, a teen who’s recorded story of suffering and ultimate survival from the Auschwitz death camp in WWII inspired him to write this book. He wrote A Teenage Girl in Auschwitz: Basha Freilich and the Will to Live with a desire to share this moving story with modern families as a guide that he believes teens and parents today can use as inspiration to discover their own inner mental strength.  As the modern world becomes increasingly fraught with technology that obscures true history, this book serves as a reminder that history can be repeated, and horrible conditions can still exist but in new forms that cause depression and anguish for teens and families today. Wellman wants to inspire everyone that Basha’s story can inspire a stronger mind and the will to live.

Basha, at age fourteen, was dragged with her family from their home in Pruzhany, Poland, by Nazi troops and shipped off to the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. Within days, five members of her family would be dead, and Basha would be subjected to two and a half years of abuse then months of roaming with other homeless girls when the Third Reich collapsed. Despite it all, she honored a last-minute promise given to her mother: she would survive to tell the story. The author provides each chapter with Basha’s own words and extends the chapter further with historical facts relating to actual events in history. 

While few teens today face the horrors of a concentration camp, Wellman knows that life throws seemingly insurmountable conditions at modern teens who face challenges every day. Basha’s story reveals an inner strength and courage that can be found within. Wellman says, “We all hit moments when we feel we are spent, but the story of Basha shows us that we have more strength inside to move us forward through the darkest of times.” 

Wellman believes this story is more than a valuable addition to the historical record. It will become a valued addition to high school libraries and the new choice for book clubs, parents, teachers, and teens to read together.

Because today’s teens live in a time when technology can exert more control over truth, this book demonstrates how complete control by The Nazis over an entire population of Germany, created chilling and inhuman results. Once again, we must remain on guard. With the story of Basha told today we can hope her history is never repeated.

A Teenage Girl in Auschwitz: Basha Freilich and the Will to Live by Douglas Wellman is published by‎ Boutique of Quality Books at 324 pages with ISBN-13: ‎978-1608082896 and is currently available in paperback at Amazon and bookstores nationwide.   https://www.amazon.com/Teenage-Girl-Auschwitz-Basha-Freilich/dp/160808289X

About the Author – https://www.douglaswellmanauthor.com/
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