A Revolutionary Advance in Science and Medicine Explained for Kids and Adults

EAST HARTFORD, Conn., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TheBeamer LLC announces the completion of its online LEARNING PAGE that delivers videos, short stories, and lessons to teach young people about the first genetically engineered vaccine, the mRNA vaccine for COVID-19. As stated by the co-founder of Moderna, one of the mRNA vaccine developers: "There was a sudden shift in the evolutionary balance between what human technology can do and what viruses can do. We may never have a pandemic again." This advance in science and medicine is an essential teachable moment that could convince reluctant citizens to get vaccinated.

In the video, Explaining COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: An Animated Story for Kids, our characters follow the vaccine into a human body to explore how it utilizes our bodies’ cell factories to create immunity. The video uses simple terms to explain how the vaccine works. In Animated Coronavirus Story for Kids 1: How Grandpa Got COVID-19, they follow the virus to see how it hijacks our cells to reproduce itself and cause pneumonia. These two videos and many other animated science stories are on the STARDUST MYSTERY YouTube Channel. Our Covid-19 LEARNING PAGE includes eight illustrated short stories told by our characters. There are three stories that explain how our bodies’ cell factories work: 1. How they normally produce needed substances; 2. how they are hijacked by the COVID-19 coronavirus to produce disease; and 3. How they are utilized by the mRNA vaccines to produce the coronavirus spike proteins that induce immunity. The Billion-Year-Old Scissors story explains the fascinating history of the CRISPR gene-editing tools. The stories and videos will allow students to learn about the genetic code, DNA, cell biology, viruses, bacteria, RNA, and messenger RNA. The COVID-19 Coronavirus and other LEARNING PAGES are on the Educators tab of TheStardustMystery.com  web site.

"There are so many wonderful and exciting stories in science to tell," said Dr. Peter Solomon, CEO of TheBeamer LLC. "I want to get our children interested in science by sharing those stories through the media they love best. I believe integrating science concepts into exciting adventure tales is the best way for children to learn." 

The Covid-19 Coronavirus LEARNING PAGE is one product of The Stardust Mystery Project, funded in part by grants from the National Science Foundation (See Award #1738291), Connecticut Innovations Inc, and two PPP loans.  Its objective is to provide a good way for children to learn science through transmedia storytelling. The stories are told by 7 multiethnic young characters in book, video, video game and short story formats. The books for readers age eight to fourteen are: The Stardust Mystery (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and The Race to the Big Bang (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). They are fictional time-travel adventures of young characters that are discovering non-fiction science concepts.  A reviewer of The Stardust Mystery confirmed the effectiveness of having the stories told by young characters: "I love reading about science but what makes it even better is reading about kids my age doing science." The young female, black and Hispanic characters provide good role models for a diverse audience of students. Three other LEARNING PAGES cover different science topics.

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